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Another of the horror movies on Tubi you never hear about is “Blood Harvest”. The 1980s horror movies are a staple for horror fans. Many were made in that decade. I didn’t read about this movie anywhere, and nobody recommended it to me. I decided to watch it based on the poster and a little less on the logline it had on the site I watched it,

This movie has a hillbilly horror feel to it, even if it’s kind of difficult to pin down the hillbilly horror elements in it.

I’m talking of the hillbilly, backwoods feel one gets from movies like “Children of the Corn”, “Tourist Trap”, or even “The Hills Have Eyes”. Bear in mind that even if this movie has some kind of backwoods feel, it doesn’t follow the genre’s conventions.

It’s more of a slasher and psychological horror-mystery than a backwoods horror. Featuring a clown also makes this movie a potential coulrophobia-inducing episode for those that can’t stand clowns. And let me tell you that Mervo (the fool featured in this movie) is kind of disquieting before you get to know him.

A girl, Jill returns to her hometown from the city, and she can’t find her parents. What she does find are two persons she left behind, an old boyfriend Gary, and his brother. The brother of his ex-boyfriend has gone bananas after they lost their parents and dresses like a clown all the time.

Personally, I didn’t like the male lead, Gary. He had psychological issues, and that made me feel repulsion for him and how he behaved.

The actress playing Jill was okay, but I think I might be biased because I thought that she looked hot. The best was Tiny Tim as the mentally sick clown Marvelous Mervo.

I didn’t like the erotic scenes between Jill and Gary. They were repetitive and ultimately cringe-worthy. One scene with a little sex in a horror movie is okay, but this movie overdid it.

I loved this movie in the first half, when I was feeling I was seeing something comparable in aesthetics to my favorite horror TV movie of all time: “The Dark Night of The Scarecrow”.


Still, the unnecessary scenes kind of imbalance it and make the second half a harder to watch movie. Also, the plotline is very squalid as I personally see it.

The plot is kind of thin. Just telling that this movie’s strongest effect is based on a twist at the end is almost like spoiling the reveal.

I think “Blood Harvest” is kind of predictable. Those that know that it’s twist-based are going to figure it out sooner or later before the reveal.

The reveal comes like around ten minutes before it ends, and this also makes it overdrawn. Even if 89 minutes sounds like not very long,


To me, the message of this movie is not that easy to realize. The interpretation I ended up with is what I thought and felt watching Dean West’s character.

I thought that everything he did concerning Itonia’s Jill character was wrong. I think the moral of this movie is: don’t live in the past, let go, and for eff sake, learn how to behave with women.

I’d recommend this movie to those that like hillbilly/rural/redneck horror movies. Also, it’s a muster for those that like horror movies featuring clowns.

For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to those that suffer from coulrophobia. Also, those that can’t overlook a few irregularities in a movie’s pace.

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We have to accept Tubi as a kind of virtual patron of the horror arts. The horror catalog of this free service is very extensive, and I am not talking about movies only. Good thing is, the movies seem to stay for longer than in other services, if not indefinitely.

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