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best horror movies on tubi: FINAL GIRL
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If you’re looking for horror movies on Tubi, “Final Girl” is an entertaining terror movie to watch. This movie’s title is the horror movie device of the last girl standing that many horror movies have. To me, it was “Remo Williams” meets “The Karate Kid” but in the terror genre, with a pretty-faced girl as lead, in a backwoods setting.

It’s about a small gang of psychopaths and how the girl deals with them, so there’s no paranormal stuff at all in “Final Girl”, I think that makes it terror, not horror.

An intelligence operative (Wes Bentley) takes under his wing an orphaned girl that lost her parents to murderers. Twelve years later she (Abigail Breslin) iss sent on a mission: deal with a group of well-dressed degenerates that hunt girls for sport.

I never notice when a punch in a movie is pathetically acted. There’s one in this movie, around minute seventy-one that must be one of the most unrealistic punches I’ve ever seen in a flick.

Besides the carelessness of including that unrealistic shot, Abigail Breslin could have used a few more boxing stances, even if the rest of brawling is nominally believable.

A lot of people slag this movie because it has stylized nighttime lighting. The odd lighting is very noticeable, but it makes the movie’s photography much more aesthetically pleasing. I always hate a movie that’s too dark, and this one, due to the locations, had the potential of being one of those. It’s not, and the illumination was very cool for a fan of film noir like me, a genre that relies a lot on lighting composition.

best horror movies on tubi: FINAL GIRL
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I gauge how effective horror movie villains are depending on the feelings they produce on me. I like to root for the bad guys sometimes, but those moments I save them for the best horror antagonists only. I couldn’t empathize with the baddies of this movie, even if I wanted to.

How the bad boys were written and how the actors acted them was okay. I couldn’t identify with them. They actually made me feel revulsion, and I was most of the movie waiting for them to get what they deserved.

For me, the message of this movie was this: if one is wronged, sooner or later one is going to be in the justice-dispensing end of the often-parroted axiom “karma is a bitch.”

best horror movies on tubi: FINAL GIRL
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All those who, like me, aren’t too critical, and love noir movies and also femxploitation movies in the ballpark of “ISpit on Your Grave” or “Last House on The Left” should watch this movie.

I wouldn’t recommend it to those who thought that building up a character as in “REMO” and “THE KARATE KID” but using a black op instead of a funny, old Asian man, and then to make a terror/vengeance flick second half would be a bad idea.

For those that made this movie it was a good idea, and it kind of worked with me too.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a correct phrase to define the lighting in “Final Girl”. Without going into film genre theory and say it’s impressionist, it’s expressionist, or whatever, I would say that for someone that can appreciate it, it’s fun and stylized.

I don’t agree when audiences demand from a movie it not being artistic. The persons that point out the lighting of this movie as a defect just don’t have the capacity or background required to appreciate art when they see it.

Those who don’t have a minimum of education and need to go to the internet to knock off something that they, subjectively, don’t like, just because they don’t like it make ***** out of themselves when they exercise their false entitlement writing negative reviews for others to read.

That’s when we can see through them because their lack of sophistication shows in the subjective and subpar reviews they write.

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