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Horror Movies on Netflix: “ELI” Review 1
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Horror Movies on Netflix: “ELI” Review

In my search for the best horror movies on Netflix, I came upon this movie. “Eli” is a Netflix original horror movie where “The Boy in The Plastic Bubble” (1976) meets the video game “Lucius” (2012). Sorry to spoil it for those that played any of the three video games of that saga, because what’s taken for granted in that video game is a big second-half reveal in this movie.

Eli is a boy that acquired a rare disease. He must breathe sterilized air because if he doesn’t the disease flares up.

His parents take him, in a hazmat suit, to the house of a renowned physician for his treatment.

After a while there, Eli sees a few apparitions that try to tell him something

It might be I liked Charlie’s acting because I’m a fan of “The Other” (1972), and he made me remember that movie because he looks vaguely similar to the kid in that movie.

The part of the lead in this movie is a very dramatic character, and I think Charlie Shotwell did a terrific work. His actions, proper of a tortured soul resonate with me.

Sadie Sink looked way too different from the Max I know from Stranger Things, even if there weren’t obvious personal appearance changes.

Horror Movies on Netflix: “ELI” Review 2
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Horror Movies on Netflix: “ELI” Review

It may debatable that ELI is one of the best horror movies on Netflix, but for me it was. Especially considering that it is a Netflix Original. This movie was kind of a horrorfest for me. Some movies struggle with giving a general horror atmosphere, but not this one.

Only the first ten minutes are in generic locations. Yet, I loved every minute of it. For me, visually, it was spot-on. For example, the parts in the clinic.

A good horror movie always has a fraction of its running time happening in a hospital or related location. This movie features a physician’s sterile home/clinic 91% of its running time (I calculated it).

I was a little disappointed with the resolution. I’m not going to tell exactly what’s the big reveal at the end. I will say that the things I imagined when I started to learn about the clinic were the best part of the movie.

In the buildup leading to the last part, I had great expectations. Sadly, they weren’t fulfilled and the explanation of what was happening was rather underwhelming. Nothing like what I thought was going to be.

That said, I repeat, it is somewhat of a horror-fest, so I advise you to watch it.

This movie gives a moral message in the first half, but with the reveal at the end, it pretty much trashes it. The message I got from it at first, was that one must think twice before trusting science blindly.

What happens at the end, something that viewers may see coming or may not, is copied from real-world conspiracy theories.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Horror Movies on Netflix: “ELI” Review 3
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Horror Movies on Netflix: “ELI” Review

Those that don’t know what I’m talking about should check out this keyword after watching the movie: “making of a moonchild”.

It’s tricky to recommend this movie by comparing it to similar ones that came before without giving clues about the big revelation at the end. Read at your discretion.

It’s a movie made on the tradition “Rosemary’s Baby”, “The Omen”, “The Final Conflict” and, more recently, the Netflix original “Little Evil”. I guess you know by now what it’s going to be about.

Do you Agree that ELI is one of the best Horror Movies on Netflix?

I might be biased favorably towards this movie because I know the real world counterpart of the situation exposed in this movie, but you might disagree and think it is not that good. Please, if you think this movie is not that good, share your reasons with the rest of us in the comments section below.

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