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    Maybe lists of horror movies that are currently available on streaming services are the most counter-intuitive kind of list on this website, but they are necessary anyway.

    I already touched the subject on the main page for streamers, but here it goes again. Streamers generally don’t have a feature-rich GUI and the user experience suffers due to that.

    • Items are hard to find
    • Items are easy to lose sight of
    • Items can’t be sorted, just re-arranged manually
    • The genre categories of some VoDs are all over the place

    Horror on VoDs Lists

    Examples of a very useful list of horror movies on streaming services are:

    • Lists about what’s new on a specific streaming service
    • Lists about what’s leaving a VoD service
    • List about the best episodes of a series
    • List of short subjects, specials, documentaries, and other formats that are neither movies nor series.
    • Temporal but Useful

    Would you like to have access to lists of horror on streaming services that are fresh and to the point?

    Besides the examples I gave in the previous section, ad-hoc lists of horror movies on streaming services are useful. A scheme of usefulness would more or less be like this:

    Somewhat Useful

    Generic lists. A list of twelve or more given horror movies on streaming services, that has any given theme to it. Like a list based on genre, newness, or what’s hot at the time of writing the list.


    Seasonal lists. Season-inspired lists of horror movies streaming on VoDs during or right after and before seasonal holidays.


    Lists that curate what’s arriving and what’s leaving. Generally published at the beginning of the month, and updated one fortnight in.

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    Horror on Streaming Services Lists Regulations

    You can submit any kind of horror on streaming services lists that you deem worthy of being delivered through this section of Shock Depot.

    1. When you research your list, make a list of the sources. If you are making it based on your personal experience/tastes, then sources citations aren’t required, but if you are pulling movies from news articles and other (generalist) lists, then you must credit the sources.

    2. Number of items, twelve or more per list, you can make a mammoth list with a lot of flicks or series, but don’t go over the 2500 words limit. This is because the editor might croak when made to deal with very long texts, and longer texts set up the stage for trouble later on; especially with pieces like lists, that feature a lot of stills.

    3. How long should the copy for each item on the list be? The mini-review below the photo for each movie should be 1-3 paragraphs, no more than that. Each paragraph is from 1 to 3 sentences each.

    4. A standard list would be twelve items, with 100 words of copy for each, totally on a list of 1200 words.

    5. Important: each item’s title must be an h2-formatted sub-heading.

    6. How to credit sources: Use any way you like, but use one always. Not only name the source but please add a link to the original web page from where you sourced the information.


    Sources: Netflix, HBO, Shudder

    And each VoD name, linked to each site.

    How to Find a Topic for a List

    Lists are a kind of modular content that seems not that easy to create with a theme, but the theme of the list is the main feature that makes it different from other list articles.

    You can figure out a theme for both the list and the selection of movies it will feature.

    Some ideas would be:

    A) Items of a specific year

    B) Items of a specific sub-genre of horror

    C) Items of a specific decade

    D) Items featuring a specific star in all of them

    E) Essential list for a particular kind of item

    F) Underrated items that deserve better

    G) Features to leverage, to find lots of items, would be the particular capabilities of each VoD service, like for instance using Netflix codes.

    • Anime Horror (10695)
    • B-Horror Movies (8195)
    • Creature Features (6895)
    • Cult Horror Movies (10944)
    • Deep-Sea Horror Movies (45028)
    • Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
    • Horror Comedy (89585)
    • Monster Movies (947)
    • Satanic Stories (6998)
    • Sci-Fi Horror Movies (1694)
    • Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646)
    • Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)
    • Teen Screams (52147)
    • TV Horror (83059)
    • Vampire Horror Movies (75804)
    • Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)
    • Zombie Horror Movies (75405)

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