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Fill the form below to publish your horror surveys. If you need instructions on this free horror surveys feature of Shock Depot, please scroll down. Under the submission form and the list of current active surveys, you will find a description of the feature, plus a few guidelines.

Scroll down for previous surveys.

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Horror Surveys Guidelines

Topics on This Page

Is this Survey Service 100% Free?

Yes, the survey feature of Shock Depot is 100% free, the only condition is that your survey must be related to the horror genre.

How to Structure the Input in the Survey’s form?

The form has the instructions, but here goes again:

  • Put the question of your survey in the first line
  • Follow with the questions, one per line

How is This Valuable?

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It may not be obvious, but a horror site, where you can conduct horror-related surveys without even needing to register is not something you find every day.

It may still not be obvious how this is a valuable feature. Well, it may have varied social, study, artistic, research, and commercial applications. I rather not give examples, because those that think that a free survey service is valuable, already know how useful surveys are.

Just take a look at how dry and boring how the surveys given by some sites offering free surveys look, and there you have another reason why this here free surveys feature on this site is valuable.

If when I needed a place to host my survey about horror movie ideas I would have found a site like this to host it, for free. I would have gone the niche site way, not the mass media free benefit web app way.

How will my Survey look?

Scroll back and see the ones already published under the Previous Surveys heading. It will look like the ones there. All the surveys that users created are on this page already.

If the system still doesn’t make much sense to you, the bigger capsule at the top of each survey is the question and the smaller rectangles below are the options that you can choose to record your choice in the survey.

When you choose an option of the survey, the next question appears in the same place. This repeats until there aren’t any more questions left, and you receive an ending message, thanking you for filling the survey.

How to Give Something in Return?

If you add a survey to this page, please be kind and fill one or two as a token of your gratitude.

Does Shock Depot Make a Monetary Profit from Surveys?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is a free feature so we horror fans can know ourselves as a crowd, and know what makes us tick.

This one, like all the other features for users on Shock Depot, will continue to be free. Don’t fear that someday down the line they may not be available anymore, because they will not go down the drain. Or become monetized, or put behind a paywall.

Hopefully down the line, the actual solution will be superseded for a more flashy and horror-oriented one that will gamify both submitting and filling surveys processes.

Can I Create a Lighthearted Survey?

If you mean, abusing the system to bore to death the ones who will read your expendable survey just to flaunt your skills as a comedian, then no.

You can write your survey in any style you like, even a comic one, on the other hand, there is no requirement of writing the survey in an egghead’s robotic and full of jargon style.

If you want to be funny, do it, but please try to strike a balance between the comic and the serious styles. Otherwise, your survey may not be published.

Can my Survey be About Something Personal?

Of course! If you need the opinion of other horror fans like you, then by all means create a survey and hopefully others will shed new light on answers to your questions.

Your survey can be about any horror-related subject, but keep it civil, don’t go over boundaries of common sense and decorum, because ultimately, the surveys are moderated, and by posting profanity you will be losing your time since nobody will see it.