Thanks for subscribing to Shock Depot’s newsletter. This is issue #1, and let’s begin by telling you that I hope you’re enjoying at least one niche of horror today as always. Please read on for some news on the website and a handful of links to great horror content.

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    Shock Depot is Open for Registrations
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  2. Have You Tried These Apps?
    Pocket (read-later app)
    Mix (social bookmarking app)
    Slasher (social media app for horror fans)
  3. A Few Articles Worth Sharing with You
  4. Selection of Posts, Straight from The Depot’s Cellars
  5. What’s Next on Shock Depot

Shock Depot News

This is the first issue of the Shock Depot Newsletter. If you subscribed a long time ago, you’ll notice that this is the first newsletter you receive from me. That’s because I was waiting to have at least fifty subscribers to get started with it.

Shock Depot is Open for Registrations

After nine months since the website opened, the site is now open for registrations. All the amenities provided to members are free of charge and will continue like that forever. That said, they aren’t many. As of now, we implemented just two features for registered users:

Submit Content

Now you can submit your content to be featured on Shock Depot, as long as it covers any of the topics in one of the four niches of the website.

Review Content

A review system with a few features, like star ratings, is in place.
To register or login to the site please use the Access option at the top left in the main menu.

Have You Tried These Apps?

I’m not paid to endorse anything, but I want to share with you three applications I use.

Pocket (read-later app)

Great tool from Mozilla to curate stuff. The Android app could be improved, but otherwise one of the best, if not the best read later app.

Mix (social bookmarking app)

Similar to Pocket, but you can share your saved content. Please have a look at my Horror News folder on Mix. Please check my profile on Mix, that I started I think less than three months ago, and see how cool Mix profiles look.

Slasher (social media app for horror fans)

This is a smartphone-only social media application for horror fans. It’s a very big, and very tight-knit community, and when you register you’ll see that the friend requests will start showering on you. The app is not yet fully featured, but I dare say it has all the basic social media functions in place, so it’s worthy of checking out for horror fans.

A Few Articles Worth Sharing with You

I found these pieces around the web, and saved them to share them with you:

The 25 Most Artistic Horror Movies of All Time (a 25 minutes read)

We all know that there’s a big divide between Hollywood (American) and art-house (European) movies, but when it comes to horror, artistic movies go a long way. Maybe because horror lends itself to art-house much better than other genres.

The World of Surreal and Experimental Horror Movies (a 6 minutes read)

There are artistic and experimental horror movies, and then there are the downright surreal ones. This very short article touches the tip of the iceberg on this topic.

Selection of Posts, Straight from The Depot’s Cellars

Please have a gander at some of the average-length, and long content on Shock Depot:

List: 12 Essential Horror Cult Classics

One of the main topics of Shock Depot are horror cult classics, this is a list with twelve of them. I highly recommend all the movies on this list, so if you have missed any, do yourself a favor and watch them.

Guide: Get Started with the Horror Metaverse for Free and Ace it from Day 1

The horror metaverse (horror simulators on Second Life and similar platforms) is very big and deserves exploring. If you are new to the metaverse and life simulators, or if you have had technical problems accessing them, then please read this guide. It’s going to give a knowledge of the metaverse that no other single guide on the metaverse I could find groups all together in a single guide.

What’s Next on Shock Depot

Since Shock Depot has opened its doors to horror fans for them to make the site their site, we are going to implement more channels for us all together to decide the direction the website will take.

I hope that the next issue of this newsletter (arriving around May 19th) will be able to offer you at least two new features on for you to use on the website, one of them will be a more customized suggestions system for you to request and horror, content and useful features on the website.

Other than that, I’m looking for a surveys system so everyone who registers can create surveys for others on the website to fill. Also I will write some content for each category subpage that as of now are devoid of copy, they only have links to the articles in that area as only content.

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