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Send any suggestions you have for the website with the form below.

On this page, you can submit suggestions to be implemented for the betterment of Shock Depot as a free and open self-publishing platform and horror information supersite.

Any kind of suggestions are accepted, so don’t worry too much if you think you’re coming up with a far-fetched request or a stupid question. Nothing is impossible, and there aren’t stupid questions, okay?

There, I gave you the last inch of confidence you needed to decide to tell us what you want, need, or think.


Suggest, Suggest, Suggest!

Love of horror can make life larger than fiction, and your suggestions and participation can make this website more useful for you and everyone else.

Please make this website yours by sharing what you think it should have that lacks, and having your suggestion implemented.

When you submit a suggestion we’ll take it as solicited advice. As a horror advisor for Shock Depot, you’re entitled to either privacy or mention.

If you want, you can suggest the feature anonymously and, in the case we implement it, nobody has to know that you were the originator. If you want the glory for your improvement, believe me, that you will have it, and awesomely.

Suggestions for Horror Things that You Want

Is there something that you would like for this site to provide, feature, cover, or carry?

Just spill the beans, and you are most probably going to get it.

Suggestions for Horror Things that You Need

Do you need anything related to your use of this website as a horror-oriented person?

If it’s reasonable and inside our means, we’ll do everything possible to satisfy you giving you whatever you might need.

Suggestions for Horror Things that you Think

Did you see something on this website that is not implemented the way you would like it to be?

Then let us know and we’ll see what we can do to remedy it.

We can Cover your Horror Anything

We can experience your horror anything and give you coverage with a review or other kind of article of your choice. If you don’t pick the form of the coverage item, like product review, case study, etc, we’ll do it.

As in the content you submit yourself, one link to any site/page of your choice is allowed per coverage item, please specify one in the request for coverage.

If you don’t specify one additional link, we’ll assume the link to the item to cover you gave is the one you want to be featured. If you don’t want any link featured in the coverage piece, then please specify it.

Just send us two lines of text through this form, saying something about who you are, what’s your horror item and a link. Please add an email address to contact you if you are sending the suggestion before registering.

If you send a request for free coverage, and you are doing it logged in to the website with your account, then no email address is required in the suggestion message.

Examples of items we can cover:

  • Horror feature films
  • Horror short subjects
  • Horror video games
  • Horror collectibles
  • Horror handicrafts
  • Horror home decor
  • Horror furniture
  • Horror paintings
  • Horror comics
  • Horror communities
  • Horror amusements
  • Horror toys
  • Horror leisure items
  • Horror websites
  • Horror branded content

If what you want to have covered is a horror brand on its totality, please read the last section of this page.

Note about Horror Brands Coverage

Here in Shock Depot, we can cover your horror items in an individual capacity. Meaning that we can cover a single item. Your coverage request must reflect this, asking for coverage for a single, specific item.

You can always submit multiple requests for coverage of multiple items. Each item will be covered in a separate article and get its own page.

Still, if you need/want a whole horror brand, website, or any other horror thing that includes many more, then we suggest you request coverage in Shock Depot’s sister website: The Best Horror Branded Content.

The Best Horror Branded Content is a catalog/directory horror website specializing in horror brands as a whole. To get coverage of your horror brand, site, chain of sites, or similar all-inclusive horror things, please go there and request coverage there using the form for that purpose.

The Best Horror Branded Content
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There we give coverage to:

Horror Branded Content Chains

If you have a horror website or chain of horror websites.

Horror Branded Content Manufacturers

If you own or work for, a company that manufactures horror genre goods.

Horror Branded Content Production Companies

If you own or work for, a horror movies or series production company.

Horror Branded Content Cottage Industries

If you create and sell horror handicrafts and similar small-call horror items.

Horror Branded Content Stores

If you own or operate a store, be it brick-and-mortar or virtual, that sells horror items.

Go to The Best Horror Branded Content

About Exclusive Features

Since we started this website we have been researching the needs of horror fans to come up with features that are useful to you.

Sometimes is not a lot about the cost of developing a feature. Or about the time involved in researching, developing, and deploying it. Sometimes is about the actual technology behind it.

We have a lot of ideas to release features that nobody in the web horror scene has come up with yet. Still, these game-changing ideas are slow to develop and, above all, costly. In time they will be developed and released.

What we want to make clear here is that we will never incorporate a feature that you suggest in one of our ongoing projects without asking you for permission first.

If you think that your suggestion would be better as a standalone feature, then we will release it as a standalone one. If we think it can be added to one of our ongoing projects, and you permit us to add it, then great.

In both cases, a point may come when we decide to monetize a feature in some way that is as non-intrusive for users as possible.

If we monetize a feature that you suggested, in either of both scenarios (standalone or not) you will be compensated. By a percentage of the revenue generated by the feature through our revenue sharing scheme.

We are not out to still your ideas or exploit you, we just want to make the horror internet better for every horror head. But features, like everything else, involve work, and work needs to be compensated.


Okay, I think it’s enough info for a suggestion page, I leave you with a brainstorming of ideas to suggest.

  • Social media features for horror fans
  • Dating features for horror fans
  • A horror-oriented web app geared to making horror fans lives easier
  • Revenue sharing
  • Horror video games playable online
  • Heavier horror downloads other than simple clip art
  • Self-publishing features beyond mere articles (user-built documents library)
  • 3D Printing horror blueprints

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