This feature is for you to post free ads on Shock Depot. Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the best time to extend the promotional reach of your Halloween/horror-related products or services by posting any kind of advertisement related to Halloween or horror on for free.

You can publish any kind of horror-related or Halloween-related for free and without hassles. No-hassle is the keyword here since you don’t even need to create an account on the website to post your ad, promotion, or lead page.

Shock Depot gives you an additional, OPTIONAL free complimentary service of back-linking of your items on this site on around half a dozen social media profiles, our sister site and ten social bookmarking sites. You can tick off any of these complimentary services in the submission form if you don’t think like they are valuable to you.

Shock Depot (est. 2020) is a new horror content website dedicated to the horror crowd at large. The site covers a few niches.

One of them is Horror Lifestyle, and it houses content on horror collectibles, horror social media, and horror amusements. You can submit content to be featured on the lifestyle area of the website without an account.

Please read past the advertisement for this feature below, for a detailed explanation of this free service.

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Do you have something that is Halloween-related or horror-related to advertise, like for example:

  •  Halloween/Horror party
  •  Halloween/Horror convention
  •  Halloween/Horror exhibit
  •  Halloween/Horror installation
  •  Halloween/Horror products
  •  Halloween/Horror services
  •  Halloween/Horror amusements
  •  Halloween/Horror diversions

In the sections of the Horror Lifestyle area of Shock Depot you are invited to post:

  •  Promotions
  •  Advertisements
  •  Circulars
  •  Press releases
  •  Press kits
  •  Squeeze pages
  •  Brochures
  •  Buying guides
  •  Lead pages
  •  Sales pages
  •  Blurbs
  •  CTAs
  •  Opt-in pages
  •  Advertorials
  •  Product/Service Reviews
  •  Buying guides
  •  Demonstrations
  •  Classified ads

The subtitles below are the sections of the Horror Lifestyle area of the website in which your ads must fit. The item the page will advertise must belong to any of the following categories:

Horror Collectibles

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  • Horror/Halloween Home Decor
  • Horror/Halloween Handcraft
  • Horror/Halloween Gift
  • Horror/Halloween Costume
  • Horror/Halloween Decoration
  • Horror/Halloween Collectible

 Horror/Halloween Amusements

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  • Horror/Halloween Games
  • Horror/Halloween Metaverse
  • Horror/Halloween Software
  • Horror/Halloween Digital Product
  • Horror/Halloween Dark Ride

Horror Social

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  • Horror/Halloween Seasonal Products
  • Horror/Halloween Seasonal Services
  • Horror/Halloween Shop
  • Horror/Halloween Website
  • Horror/Halloween Events

Ready to submit your ads and promotions to Shock Depot?

Remember, the service is 100% free and without strings attached.
The modality is self-service self-publishing.

To submit your ad for free, click HERE.

Post Free Ads Before Halloween Arrives!

 There isn’t much time left until Halloween, so I urge you to post your ad today on Shock Depot.

If you have something to promote or advertise, you know that the more channels through which you can spread your news, the merrier.

Take advantage today of Shock Depot’s free ads feature, it is designed to let you post ads to the site without validation. It means you can submit it without even creating an account on the website.

We will not subject you to duplicate content restrictions to bar you from posting. You can post an ad that you are running somewhere else.

And remember, you can register, if you want, to submit your content. It carries some benefits like the ability to modify your submission, but it’s not a requirement.


 You can submit the advertisements, promotions, or sales content in any format you desire.

  •  Text
  •  Rich Content
  •  Podcast
  •  Video
  •  Pictorial ad
  •  Image ad
  •  Or combinations of some or all of the above in a single page

 Want to know more about how the process works?

 Please check these pages out:

 Horror Collectibles

·  Only The Best Horror Collectibles

·  All sort of good Horror Collectibles Wanted

In these two heads at the bottom of the page, you will find explanations of how it works.

Horror Amusements

·  All Kind of Horror Amusements Welcome

·  Free Promote Your Horror Amusement

Ditto the other page.

Ad Replication Feature

After it goes live, I will share it in all of Shock Depot’s social bookmarking accounts and on the site’s five best social media profiles.

Ready to submit your ads and promotions to Shock Depot?

Remember, the service is 100% free and without strings attached.
The modality is self-service self-publishing.

To submit your ad for free, click HERE.

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