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best horror movies: ANABELLE CREATION
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This horror movie was the third installation in a saga that, as of 2020, while one of the best horror movies sagas, is to me one of the most disorderly retconned stories I had the opportunity to know: “The Conjuring” saga. As of now, it’s seven movies, starting in 2013.

To add to the confusion about this retconned timeline, two movies in it, “The Nun” (2018), and “The Curse of La Llorona” have to vie with other horror movies carrying the same and similar names. Yet, you and me know that all of the best horror movies series gain some back and forth retconning through the years

Annabelle Creation” is the first in the saga, even if it was the fourth movie released. It begins with how a dollmaker and his wife lose their daughter in an accident.

Twelve years later, a nun takes a group of orphan girls, threatened with the dissolution of their orphanage, to live with the dollmaker and his wife in their house. Once there, the girls experience an entity that wants to rob them of their souls.

The actors are mostly children. They do a good job, even if the script doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still, I felt in some of their lines some artificiality. Several times I thought “they aren’t talking like a child would talk” while watching this movie.

About the adults playing the characters of this movie, I haven’t much to say, other than they don’t have as much screen time as the girls.

I loved the first and second installments of “The Conjuring”, but to me something in this movie was disappointing. I think that, at the ethical and social level, it was wrong to make this movie. I didn’t like that Dauberman wrote a script about kids.

I loved the two first movies because they were at a higher level as movies. As I see it, they took paranormal investigating seriously.

Pertaining “Annabelle: Creation”  I liked the story, I must admit it. What I didn’t like was the putting of child actors in contact with such occult material.

The story makes sense at the occult level, and that is a must for every one of the best horror movies. but there are too many reasons I wouldn’t write a script like this. I don’t have space in this review to write them all, but I’ll say this: I think that to involve children in a story like this is not spiritually healthy for them.

The movie explores the theme of soul-sucking demons. The factually occult knowledge it uses is the much gross theme of the astral shell left behind by the spirit, on the afterlife journey, that sometimes is possessed and animated by demons.

I would recommend this movie to fans of any of the movies in the universe of “The Conjuring”. I remember that I loved the two I watched before, but I still can’t have a vivid memory of this story, maybe because of the retconning mess.

If you don’t like to see kids in gruesome, boorish situations, don’t watch this movie. The movie may be good, but as I said, it can fuel one’s indignation, to know that children are being subjected to this kind of work.

Is THE CONJURING one of the Best Horror Movies Sagas?

It is for me, but tastes are personal, are not they? Please tell us what you think about this movie in particular and “The Conjuring”, and if it should be considered among the best horror movies of the past decade. in general in the comments below.

The Conjuring Timeline (via Jacob Dressler)

There are a lot of articles on the web peddling a timeline for the “The Conjuring” franchise. This saga became way big in less than a decade, so it needs further attention.

I don’t know if this timeline is correct, but there are others and I haven’t built my own from scratch yet, so this one will have to do.

  2. THE NUN (2018)
  3. ANNABELLE (2014)
  5. THE CONJURING (2013)
  7. THE CONJURING 2 (2016)

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