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    Freddy’s Nigthmares Season 2 Episode 18 “Funhouse”

    Any kind of horror content that has been or still is serialized. Like tv, movie, fiction, and art-horror series. Shock Depot focuses mostly on the visual, aural, audiovisual, and tactile aspects of the horror genre, still one mustn’t overlook horror fiction series. I’ve read a study where it said that only around 20% of all horror fiction readers are female. I thought female horror fans were more, but they seem to like more audiovisual horror media instead of reading. Anyhow, I know for a fact that women like horror comics and graphic novels, but I included those two topics in the lifestyle category.

    I promise you that when you decide to enjoy one of the serialized horror things I review in these pages you aren’t going to walk away disappointed.

    Focus only on the best serial horror items available for horror fans. The choicest collectibles and the best deals only.

    I grouped the topics in this section together because any horror fan having an active interest in serialized horror content demonstrates a specialty-grade interest in the genre.

    Horror TV Series

    the walking dead season 5 trailer

    When it comes to comparing television horror series with horror movies, we can say they’re similar at heart, but the end product is actually very different.

    Series are a miniature movie with hooks for commercials and more jokes than movies, but this is a gross generalization as a definition of the difference.

    These two formats have different dynamics, and they require two different watching approaches.

    I see the arcs of story and character development of television series as something less-defined than in a movie, more changeable, and ultimately open.

    To compensate for the drawback of the watcher never being able to see the complete arc of the story in one sitting, tv-series have other means of development that aren’t possible in movies.

    Take, for instance, the character development of tv series. You can’t achieve the same character dimensionalities with the constraints of a feature-length movie.

    Ninety minutes or two hours don’t compare with dozens or even hundreds of hours getting to know the characters, the story’s world, and the story itself.

    Horror Movie Series

    hellraiser zenobites tableau

    Horror movie sequels that continue the story of the original are a very controversial and polarizing topic. I haven’t seen horror fans as concerned, alarmed, or vitriolic in any other subject of conversation about movies as in this one.

    One of the arguments is that properties lose their value when they get sequels.

    This is highly debatable, but in the end, movies are art, and art is subjective. I think there’s nothing as fallen as not liking something and needing to knock it down, to take the disgust off their backs.

    Sadly enough, film horror series are prime targets for that kind of attitude.

    Horror movies have, for more than two generations, become serialized content, not unlike television horror series. Some of the franchises have dozens of sequels, and they didn’t need to resort to making remakes of the originals to stay alive.

    There are many variables by which a saga of movies can be judged and many different points of view from which one can interpret a  movies’ saga sharing the same themes, topics, and stories.

    Horror Art Series

    horror sculpture alien HR Giger

    Who didn’t feel either repulsion, apprehension, or fear when watching an H.R. Giger illustration or sculpture, or a Francis Bacon painting?

    Sometimes the bathos of the atrocious can gratify esthetic needs.

    Many seem to forget that horror feeds on art, and there have been horror paintings even from before photography and cinema existed.

    Many pieces of antique horror imagery are in the public domain and are available not just to enjoy them but also to use them. In any way that one deems necessary, even commercially.

    Horror paintings series mustn’t go unnoticed. While not as accessible as the other three in this section, they are food for thought and material for conversation and discussion.

    “Horror series can make our stay
    in the horror world of our choice
    become something immersive.”
    Bholenath Valsan

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