Looking for the best horror streaming now? Horror on streaming services deserves to be reviewed. Reviews of horror items on VoDs are useful in different situations.

For instance, if you are a horror movie watcher who doesn’t have too much time to invest, and at the same time, it’s not enough for you to decide to watch a movie based on the trailer, the logline, or word of mouth alone or combined.

When you need a more substantial reason to watch a horror item, a review featuring the invested point of view of the reviewer can give you a more elaborate idea of what to expect from the horror item in question.

Have Review, Will Horror

The reviews of horror items circulating on video streaming services that you can read here are either spoiler-free, or they have spoilers at the bottom, with enough warning signs for the reader to avoid reading the spoilers.

You can submit reviews about any horror item currently available on any VoD service.

Why should you post your review here, and not on more concurred websites, like MovieChat.org, Amazon.com, or IMDb.com? I say because this is a website only for horror appreciators to the exclusion of almost everything else.

And this section in particular, for reviews of the best horror streaming now specifically.

Features of Shock Depot’s Horror Reviews

Another feature of the reviews of the best horror streaming now that you will find in the reviews of this website is that all of them are from 1000 to 1500 words. Not too short, but not very long either.

This standard word count, of keeping the reviews around the 1000 words mark is for the sake of uniformity, and for any user that gets used to reading horror reviews on this site, to know exactly how long is going to take to read a review beforehand.

Still, the main reason for this word count for the reviews is that 1000 to 1500 words are a very short read while at the same time giving enough space to touch virtually all aspects of a horror item running on a VoD service, albeit in a condensed form.

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Contribute Your best Horror Streaming now Review

You can submit reviews about any horror item currently available on any VoD service

Short Subjects

Because a short’s running time doesn’t last much, it’s not an excuse to write a sub-par review. If the short is good, then it’s possible to make a review the same size as a feature film one.


Series are too big for Shock Depot’s review format, but I think a generalist review of a series, encompassing say, 10 or 20 seasons could be achieved.

I don’t think doing so would be as easy as writing only an episode’s or a season’s review, though. If you think you can write a review of a series, like, say The X Files, including all the seasons in 1500 words tops, by all means, go ahead.


Unleash your inner horror critic with a review of a horror movie streaming now, of any kind. You may have noticed that in the scary cult movies section of this website you can only review certain types of horror movies.

Well, not in this section. If it’s horror, and if it’s currently circulating the streaming service circuit, then you can pick any kind, of movie AAA horror, art-house horror, whatever.


Only documentaries that are about horror genre items. I know that you could think that a review of a documentary about a serial killer could be a good fit for this section, but to include such documentaries would be stretching the horror denomination too far.

It’s undeniable that documentaries on VoDs have horror appeal and a relatively high creep factor for horror fans due to reality being sometimes more horrid than fiction. But they deal in reality topics with zero development of the artistic aspect of horror, and that’s why they wouldn’t blend with the other content on this site.

The documentary must be about the making of or any other aspect of a fictional item belonging to the horror genre.

Rules for Your Contribution

1. The item must be currently running on one or more VoDs

2. Use this format for the title:

Best [ type of item ] on[ VoD name ]: [ item title] ([year])

Item types: movies, shorts, series, etc

VoD names: Shudder, Netflix, HBO, etc

Item title: use either quotes (“Halloween”), or all caps (HALLOWEEN)

3. Use a template like the review template below, you can modify the sequence but don’t alter it too much:

Try to sequence the paragraphs answering the list of questions below in the same order they appear in the template.

  1. What kind of item is it? (movie, series, short, subgenre of horror?)
  2. When was it made? Who directed it?
  3. What’s the item’s story about? (without ending or revealing too much)
  4. When and where does the story happen?
  5. Who is the best talent on the item? And the rest of the cast, how did they play it?
  6. How were the editing, effects, music, and sound handled?
  7. What’s the entertainment value of the item? (for instance, does it have action scenes that make you feel
  8. you’re riding an amusement park ride?)
  9. What about the lighting?
  10. What about the wardrobe?
  11. What is the moral of the story?
  12. What did you like about the item?
  13. What did you dislike about this horror media item?
  14. Who would you recommend the horror item to?
  15. Who would you discourage from watching this movie?

Submit Your best Horror Streaming now Content

How to Contribute Content

You don’t need much to contribute your first piece of content. Some additional guidelines to contribute content:

D) Before posting, please read at least a couple of articles on the website that is the same type of article you intend to contribute

E) In the body of the article, link to outside sources, your website, your social media profiles, or any other pages at your own discretion

F) Write a copyright notice at the bottom of the article to make it clear that all the rights of the content you contribute stay with you

After you post the content you want to publish on this website, wait for several days and return to see your approved contribution live.

If there was some issue with your contribution you’ll receive either an email if you haven’t registered yet, or a direct private message on this website if you already created an account.

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