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Are you looking for Halloween songs YouTube, and other scary Halloween music? If you are, please check this list. Another article on this website that you can check out for the same purpose: YouTube Horror Music Streamers.

1. Midnight Television (Vaporwave Mix + Video)


Let’s begin this list with the only mix featured in it that is rather generic, and not that related to horror.

It’s a vaporwave mix and a hardcore trip down memory lane. I included it on this list because it befits the feelings of those who love horror midnight movies, even if it is not particularly horror.

The footage is very random, but fun to watch. Don’t expect horror in this one, though. The highlight, for me, of this mix’s visuals, is a short snippet of Blade Runner edited back-to-back with a perfume ad featuring Sean Young looking like a million dollars.

Note: If you are looking for strictly horror/Halloween mixes only, please disregard this one and read on.

2. The Horrortape Vol. 2 NRW Halloween Mix | 1 Hour | Retrowave/ Darkwave/ Electro

By NewRetroWave

Along ICFT8 Vol.5 and The Horrortape Vol.8, The Horrortape Vol.2 is one of the mixes that made a follower of horrorwave and darkwave.

Like some of the mixes on this list, the visual part isn’t developed, but the music is certainly intriguing and top-notch for someone who was as horror music starved as I was when I found it.

3. It Came from the ’80s… Vol. 6 – A Retro Darkwave Horror Synth Special

By Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Probably the mix on this list with the biggest quantity of big names in the horrorsynth scene.

The speed of the songs increases the deeper you descend into the mix. Still, the menacing aural horror emotions are a constant from start to finish.

4. VHS HORROR (Darksynth // HorrorSynth // Horrorwave) Halloween Mix

By Frank Drive

Probably one of the more laid-back mixes on this list. In general, very cool pics for each of the songs.

Of special mention is the Dance w/The Dead rendition of the A Nightmare on Elm Street theme on this mix.

5. It Came From the ’80s… Vol.5 – A Retro Darkwave Horror Synth Special

By Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

A double especial with 22 tracks. This is one of the first mixes that I listened to, of the ones in this list.

At first, the name captured my attention. When I listened to it I realized that it delivers the 1980s horror feel as advertised in the title.

The only visual is the mix’s cover for all of the tracks, but as with the other items on this list, that don’t develop the visual side, the music makes the mix worthy enough.

6. VHS HORROR 3: The Final Chapter! (Horrorsynth // Darksynth // Horrorwave) Halloween Mix

By Frank Drive

The 15 songs are spot on and what visuals! This is another of the videos on this list that would be a great fit for a party that has a projector available because it has seriously cool horror visuals for each of the songs.

The glitch effects were not overdone, but the choice of images is great and makes the video glitch effect seamlessly blend with the feel of the mix.

7. Dark Bass Techno / Minimal / Tech Noir mix ‘KTULU’

By Aim To Head

Dark techno, minimal, industrial, dark cyberpunk, and dark electro compilation. It’s eleven very listenable tracks with near to zero lyrics, only a few sparse snippets of speech here and there.

This is a clear reason why a horror fan, who happens to like electronic music is better off listening to these (kind of) underground acts, instead of going for more mainstream genres like dubstep, trap, or similar forgettable contemporary electronic music.

8. Dark 80’s Synthwave Mix | Vol.4 | Stranger Synths

By Stranger Synths

Thirteen tracks of the synthwave, dark synthwave, retrowave, retro synthwave, and 80s synthwave genres.

The visuals are an abstract repetitive loop, but the coolness of the music compensates for it.

This is the kind of music I will put to the max on a long trip through a lonely road far from civilization without houses or people in sight.

9. ABYSS – A Darksynth Cyber Horror Mix Special

By Astral Throb

This darksynth collection made me learn the difference between darksynth and its brother and sister genres, like retrowave, horrorsynth, or electro.

As I see it, darksynth is still mainly influenced by synthwave but seems to me to have subtle techno and ambient influences.

The only act I previously knew from this set was Kyoto, and the song by Kyoto featured is a great one. Electronic drone ambient.

10. The Horrortape Vol. 8 | NRW Halloween Mix | 1 Hour | Retrowave/ Darkwave/ Electro

by NewRetroWave

A halloween mix with double tape format. It’s 20 horror retrowave mixes by the top dogs in darkwave and retrowave, like Lazerhawk and Nightcrawler.

The Horrortape 8 has no footage, just the mix’s cover, a sober NEW RETRO illustration collage.

I love, and I mean LOVE Nightcrawler’s rendition of the Phantasm Theme, included in the 14th spot of this double tape mix.

11. October 198X Vol. 1: Synthwave Mix with 80’s Halloween Commercials

by MassRepeater

This set’s highlights are the snippets of 1980s horror commercials most of them shown on their full length.

It’s a very gratifying piece of nostalgia work, especially for those who love both horror and T.V. commercials. A must-watch if you need to manufacture a horror video ad.

The best part, for me, was around minute 40, an ad with Angus Scrimm pulling Fangorias from out of a coffin.

You don’t get to hear the speeches in the commercials, but I think that they were correctly paired with the music.

12. October 198X Vol 2: Synthwave Mix with Weird, Halloween Videos from the ’80s

by MassRepeater

As volume one of the same name, this set has some mighty creepy footage, including an exploitation short subject, called “Halloween Safety (Second Edition)” (Coronet Films, 1985).

In the short, it is shown how to spot drugs spliced into Halloween treats, including amphetamine pills among the candy, or a chocolate candy bar laced with angel dust.

Also, it shows how to safely carve a pumpkin without slashing yourself with a knife in the process.

“Halloween Safety” also teaches kids how even a wrongly conceived Halloween costume can be dangerous, and how to make modifications to it, for it to stop being a hazard.

So now you know, kiddies, have a guardian accompany you on your trick or treat expeditions, wait for the traffic light to open to cross the street, and, for the devil’s sake, stay together and don’t split!

Besides the Halloween exploitation short, there are other snippets of interesting vintage horror

Know any Other good Halloween songs YouTube Mixes?

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