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For the horror fan who is a lover of horror music, that doesn’t want to have to deal with material records, tapes, or such things, or pay for digital downloads there is a lot of new horror musical items on YouTube. It seems that a small scene is generating, with different takes on horror music, some of them not just aural, but also audiovisual, including some awesome horror VJ’ing.

These are all free works that you can listen to (and some of them watch) for free on YouTube. If you spin any of these a lot and feel indebted to the creators, then there’s always investigating their profiles and finding out how you can patronize them and send them some value back.

Horror Sets / Collections

The “A Tribute to Horror” Series by Sawyer Soze


The series of mixes called “A Tribute to Horror” are remixes of horror soundtracks with snippets of movies all edited to make some vague meaning for the watcher.

Each video is a mix of several songs with movie footage interlinked. Even if the choice of songs wasn’t to my liking in many cases of many of the tracks of this collection, the pieces of different movies put together to make this a very ass-kicking collection to watch, not just listen to.

Start with any of the videos because watching them in order adds nothing to the experience. Each one of them is self-contained. A lot of work has gone into this series of videos, with snippets of footage from ~1000 movies.

Atmospheric Gothic Ambient

It’s almost forty minutes of very emotional and gloomy Gothic ambient

To call reading music to a compilation of instrumental ambient tracks may put a lot of people off. Actually, this music does lend itself to reading, resting and anything that those that listen to ambient do when they enjoy their favorite genre.

It performs as advertised, but don’t think this is some separate genre of music. It’s clearly an atmospheric collection of darkbient themes.

Horror Mixes

The “Halloween Horror Classics” Series by Steve Heffner

Halloween Horror Classics Megamix – mixed by Steve Heffner

A mix with the theme songs of many classic horror movies all stitched together in maxi fashion. Duration: 7:08 minutes. It has movie stills and posters, decently edited, that change as the songs change.

Horror Synth Music by Frank Drive


If you never listened synth / wave music, start by this one

This video in the VHS HORROR series is probably the music that would be less hard to get into from this list, for those new to all tunes wave. This is rather pastiched darksynth and I totally agree with the label someone affixed to it, calling it horrorwave.

It’s one of the megamixes on this list that can be used as a background for other tasks because it’s mostly instrumental. I didn’t go into the other horror-synth stuff Frank Drive streams on his channel but it looks promising.


Horror Music Albums

The “The Horrortape” Albums Series

I know that *.wave is controversial and the waters are divided. I once had one DJ friend point me out that the synthwave I was listening was pathetic and that he felt it as a music with the potential to make him sick.

I didn’t care at that moment but that commentary must have made me become more selective. I evolved from plain synthwave to more sophisticate genres like vaporwave and witch-house. I pretty much quit listening to synthwave, but sign me up for horror retrowave and darkwave if the songs are going to be like the ones in this collection.

Albums by Horror Music World


This double album, which I would categorize as drone and darkbient with passages of deathbient and industrial. This album, courtesy of the channel to follow, Horror Music World, has a spot-on text description with all the elements that make a description useful to the listener.

This double album is great to create a horror ambiance since it doesn’t feature lyrics. The music is top-notch, yet I want to also mention the video’s graphic. It’s a subtle horror visual that is only slightly animated, so no cognitive overload here.

I want to reiterate that the description of this video is how the description of such an item should be and is not common to come by descriptions like this on YT. It has all the information on the channel, the album, and the artists that created the songs in the album. Even a direct link to buy the album on four different platforms.

Know More YouTube Horror Music Streamers?

Please introduce us to them in the comments section below.

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