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Haunted House simulators as horror games are powers to be reckoned with. I decided to visit this dark walk-in in the spur of the moment and didn’t know what to expect.

Still, the quietness and nature of the surroundings put the visitors in the mood for the haunted house.

Oh, the irony! It’s located in a region called Solo, but this is definitely a walk-in to visit with others. Most of the stunts are interactive, and some need more than one avatar using it to make sense.

If there’s something that makes this haunted house dark ride stick out from the others that I visited, is the interior design.

The house model is sufficiently different from the ones I visited before, but the interior design was way more pleasing. In comparison, the interior design of this ride is very spacious, and with clutter kept to a minimum.

It has a little maze but is a maze more akin to one you could find in a brick-and-mortar dark ride. Meaning that is not nonsensical.

It’s not like, for instance, the Carnivorous Clowns Funhouse. You don’t need any of the viewer’s superpowers to traverse the maze, nor it’s going to make you lose time in it.

If you like to take pictures, this is a ride to visit, because you can get all kind of crazy horror-flavored pictures involving your avatar. Another innovation I found is that it features a mini Halloween treasure hunt.

The idea is great. Discover gifts that dispense a Halloween-related freebie, but there are far too few to make a difference.

Simplicity and pleasant design make this one a short but good SL haunted house dark ride. Entrance is free.

In-Depth Review

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Type: Walk-In
Theme: Haunted House
Duration: 7 to 10 minutes
Location: Solo
Area: 2576 m2
Lag Level: Low
My Horror Rating: Ride: 3/5, Zone: 3/5

Tigerlilly Hyun, the owner of this simulator, is a stunning, role-playing brunette that doesn’t share her info for her personal protection.

When you arrive at the landing area of the simulator a dialog pops with an offering of a notecard by Tigerlilly.

It suggests:

  • Setting day time to midnight
  • Removing face-lights
  • Music and sound enabled

Most disturbing of all, she gives a landmark to the entrance in case you get trapped or lost inside the house. It has a challenging part, so to get lost is a possibility.

This is a walk-in haunted house simulator. It’s definitely a good one to go with someone else. When you go with someone else you should tempt the others to use the objects, or use them yourself in front of your friends, for a big laugh.

I didn’t learn much about the backstory of this sim if it has one. There’s nothing obvious explaining it. Still, when you see what’s going on in the house you start to see what’s wrong.

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What I understood of this haunted house is that a lot of ghosts haunt it. There are two in particular that are going to surprise you when you see them.

I recommend you to first appreciate the interactive sitting stunts, the parlor with the ouija board and tarot deck, and piano at the end of the room, and the haunted bathroom and bedroom.

Let the cellar, accessed by the door that will look most obvious to you, for the last, after you checked the ground and first floors.

You could say that the ghosts of this sim are done cheaply. Still, I tried to figure out how I would do them (with the scrub-grade metaverse building skills I have) and I couldn’t think of any other way, other than the way they’re done in this sim.

Still, I liked how this sim implemented ghosts. They may seem to be simplistically animated, but if you wait you’ll see them do crazy, creepy things that they didn’t seem they would do.

Another thing worthy of note is the interactivity of the simulator. The interactions cause hilarious animations, that’s why I recommend going with someone else.

One thing I learned from this sim is that an uncluttered environment adds value to experience. I’m not going to say I don’t like cluttered horror sims, because I do. Yet, I liked the sobriety of this one, and it is minimalistic rather than cluttered.

If you like ghosts, you should visit this sim. If you like a little challenge, you should give it a try because it has a slightly challenging part.

If you think that walking around a haunted house, having to interact with the objects in it to learn about it is boring then don’t visit it.

Outro, Do You Want to play Horror Games?

Since it’s free to experience the Spooky Interactive Haunted House, and everyone can enter it without paying anything, I’m not making a video. Installing a Second Life viewer and creating a no-frills avatar to visit this sim (and others that are free too) would teach you more than a pointless video of a walk through it.

Don’t expect much if you haven’t visited any metaverse horror sim, and be warned that they are very different to regular horror video games.


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