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Another review of SL sim for those that like strange horror games. Like I recommended in the previous post, it is better if one visits the other two sims first.

But even upon arrival, it’s a good idea to visit the graveyard outside before entering. This will give time to the manor to rezz.

Type: Walk-In
Theme: Haunted House
Duration: >25 minutes
Location: Benten
Area: Sim: n/a (the three sims are in a 13000 m2 parcel)
Lag Level: High
My Horror Rating: Ride: 4/5, Zone: 4/5

The house is the same house model The Hum and The Shiver uses, but obviously the content inside is different.

Lighting is great. The lights of this simulator are correctly balanced. The other dark rides I reviewed up to now, even the ghost trains, most don’t have the right illumination.

horror spots in Second Life
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The dark spots together with the general low-key lighting of the manor make it more interesting than overkill lights. I guess a good dose of care must have been invested in the tweaking of the lighting because that’s the first thing I noticed.

I don’t know if I visited all the rooms, I think I did. It’s an interactive walk-in. Not a dark ride to rush through. First I walked through all the rooms to rezz them, and it took me around fifteen minutes.

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But then I realized that the walk-in was designed in a way as to give the visitor things to do. If one wants to check everything, I guess this haunted house walk-in ride will take more than twenty-five minutes, to see everything and check everything out.

Among the things I discovered, checking out the objects, was a skeleton-dispensing cabinet.

skeleton's dispensing cabinet
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I spawned five skeletons, clicking five times on it, and the skeletons started to crowd the room. I didn’t spawn more, because they were going to lock me in that room for sure. Five were enough to cause me some trouble to exit that room.

It has many life-sized dioramas. Each one is made as a self-contained scene. There’s one in each of the rooms. But like I said, this sim is not just to watch.

It’s also to investigate all its objects and what they do. Some start stunts, like something I touched, that spawned two seagulls that chased me out of the house.

I’d recommend visitors to this ride to let it rezz for a while, or to crank down the viewer settings before starting, since it’s in a populated spot of the mainland, and it’s very laggy.

Do yo have any Second Life Horror Games (simulators) to recommend?

If so, please let us know in the comments section below.

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