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Horror Games: Second Life’s DarkDharma’s Haunted Forest and Skull Caverns 2
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Horror Games: Second Life’s DarkDharma’s Haunted Forest and Skull Caverns

Note: When it comes to horror games, players must not overlook the horror that the metaverse, in this case, Second Life, has to offer. Most of the horror dark rides in Second Life aren’t games in the strict sense of the word, but experiences waiting to be enjoyed. Bear in mind that some of these rides require Second Life currency to ride them.


Type: n/a
Theme: Creepy Forest
Duration: <5 minutes
Location: Benten
Area: n/a (the three sims are in a 13000 m2 parcel)
Lag Level: Low
My Horror Rating: Ride: 1/5, Zone: 4/5

Before reaching the main attraction, I’d recommend visiting the haunted forest, then the caverns. Step into the sinister trees of this forest to experience the creepy forest as the first sight of this neighborhood.

Attune to the reality of the creepy side of Second Life’s mainland. Think of it, as a dead province of the metaverse… And that you actually are at one of its horror-oriented, blighted areas!

I saw only one spook in my short walk through it.

Stick around enough, and you’re bound to find DarkDharma’s Haunted Skull Caverns, and DarkDharma’s Haunted Manor. A way or another, to connect this forest sim with the other two was a cool idea. It eases the visitors down to the stronger thrills ahead. It works wonders in building up expectations and adds to the atmosphere of the whole region.


Type: Walk-In
Theme: Cave
Duration: <5 minutes
Location: Benten 
Area: Sim: ??? m2 / Region: ???  m2
Lag Level: Low
My Horror Rating: Ride: 3/5, Zone: 4/5

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Not very long, but good immersion factor. Others may not be willing to call it a dark ride. Maybe due to its shortness. But in my humble dark ride experience in the real world, this one is okay.

I guess this was done to cater to Second Life role-players. It’s nicely designed, and big, but also kind of empty.

I visited around a dozen brick-and-mortar dark rides up to now, ghost trains, fun-houses and walk-ins combined. Three of those, many persons would classify them as rip-offs.

Still, I don’t see them that way. When you are predisposed to enjoy these kinds of amusements, you can develop tolerance for the ones that are short, or in any other way deceptive.

Many times, something is likely to happen. On visiting a dark ride that’s too short or empty, one may feel disillusionment. Because of that possibility, you may feel stupid after visiting this cave, because it takes under five minutes to see it all.

I don’t know if I explored it whole. What I remember from it was a main shaft that forks into two to the sides. Add a lava pool, and that’s it. Not much else to see.

The spooks were okay, for something that short. The spooks were movables, and it makes this sim more of an horror simulator, than a dark ride.

Do yo have any Second Life Horror Games (simulators) to recommend?

If so, please let us know in the comments section below.

Image Credits: Laurent Bechir (skull Caverns)

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