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    I promise you that when you decide to enjoy one of the horror lifestyle items I review in these pages you aren’t going to walk away disappointed.

    Focus only on the best stuff available for horror fans.

    I grouped the topics in this section together because any horror fan having an active interest in any of them demonstrates a specialty-grade interest in the genre.

    You will benefit from my going over horror things to curate them for you.

    I hope this site will help you in your horror journey in a practical way, or at least that it will amuse and entertain you.

    What I want to give you is a way of going directly to the horror stuff that matters, without the distraction of having to wade all over the internet for deals, promotions, offers, and bonuses when shopping for the best horror merchandise.

    Watching horror movies and TV series, reading horror fiction, and diving deep into a good horror comic book series, besides socializing with like-minded fans of the fright are basic horror lifestyles, but for some, all that isn’t enough.

    I’m talking about those that need to live in an integral horror environment. I mean by this that their relationship with horror goes beyond leisure, study, hobbies, or work.

    I mean those that have horror needs at not only the conventional leisure, social, occupational, artistic and esthetic levels, but also at the mental and spiritual ones.

    It’s sad that things that horror fans perceive as the paragons of coolness aren’t known by others, or haven’t reached vocal followings and a substantial presence for those that love these kinds of things to express themselves.

    Horror Metaverse

    second life

    World simulators are fertile ground for enthusiastic horror fans with a taste for virtual worlds. Case in point, Second Life.

    The days when Second Life was the only permanent, advanced virtual world are gone.

    With the coming of open grids, horror fans can create and/or visit horror virtual worlds that aren’t tied to a specific commercial scheme.

    To be blunt, the open grids are a separate internet and the rules aren’t the same as the 2D web. I’ve seen some very wonderful things there, but only in Second Life.

    It’s a very complex and politically-charged subject that I’m not going to go into here. The only thing that matters is that of all places on the 3D online world, the metaverse is a confirmed haven for ghost train and walk-in dark rides lovers.

    Now, something that is not difficult to find out, in the topic of horror in virtual worlds, simulated traditional horror amusements like walk-ins, ghost trains, and fun houses are just the gateway drug.

    OpenSimSecond Life
    Extra motions to beginConnect and go
    Isolated regionsInterconnected
    Region-restricted engagementGrid-wide friending
    Unknown quantity of horror amusement simulatorsA steady flow of ghost trains, fun houses and similar sims
    The Tortoise

    One thing about the metaverse without taking on account the horror genre: it’s inherently creepy. That declaimed, horror, darkness and negative takes on life are common there.

    My experience was with Second Life only. I never ran open sim. Maybe I’m scared? Maybe.

    For the places I saw and the kinds of interactions I witnessed I dare say, it’s not the dark web, but it’s not lagging too far behind in moral bankruptcy, idiocy, crass commercialism, and concentration of lowest common denominators.

    Now, take it from me. If you use it just for a simpleton’s pleasure of innocently connecting to enjoy horror amusements go ahead if you didn’t already.

    In my experience, the constructive, highly pleasurable aesthetic experience that the love and sweat of those that created horror amusements produced in me felt ruined each time I went elsewhere and I tried to mix with the virtual world at large.

    metaverse magazine

    Besides, if you don’t have too much free time to spare, with everything there’s to see of uncomplicated horror amusements, most of which you can find through the client’s search, it is enough for not needing to engage with the community to find good simulators.

    To give an example. I found a ghost train simulator once that occupied a whole region. A region is 65,536 square meters or a square of 256 by 256 meters. More or less the equivalent in size of a three by three blocks neighborhood.

    It was wonderfully thought out. The whole place was a big ghost train, but it had stations. You could go down in the stations and visit a small horror location that had its own theme and felt detached from the rest.

    Second Life Horror

    There is a lot of creativity like this, but in an unregulated place like it, you also have the downside of it lending itself to abuses. Like a very big funhouse simulator, I once visited that that was a mess.

    It grabbed you and didn’t let you go. It was hopelessly broken, but somehow the little of itself that it showed to you made you want to see what was inside the broken rooms and navigating the broken rooms was a nightmare and a very annoying experience.

    Precisely for this, to deal with the drawbacks (and consequent loss of time) posed by a chaotic environment like the metaverse, I curate dark ride simulators and similar amusements, so you can go directly to them knowing what to expect.

    Horror Music

    What shyly began in the 1950s with the so-called, “horror novelty records” and became a craze for horror-addicted teenagers did evolve through the years.

    It became sub-cultural and counter-cultural musicians and acts that spawned many horror-related genres.

    Those horror-related music genres compete with each other in their borrowing of horror esthetics, even if the musical styles are completely different.

    Examples of horror-related musical genres

    • Psychobilly
    • Horrorpunk
    • Deathrock
    • Metal
    • Black Metal
    • Darkbient
    • Deathbient
    • Hardstep
    • Movie Soundtracks
    • Many more, like this

    While I don’t agree with the description that Oliver Vierkorn gave to this set on his YouTube channel, this is by far the best horror music mix I found on YouTube.

    Don’t think I found Vierkorn when I started to search for remixed horror music. I’ve been searching, albeit occasionally, for this kind of music for two-plus years.

    I might not have used the correct phrases, but generally, I was finding loose songs, not sets like this one, carrying a genre description that surely awakens your curiosity: Dark Minimal Techno Horror.

    Horror Collectibles

    horror lifestyle it figurine

    Goes without saying that in this department, horror has a mainstay like since forever.

    From toys, action figures, figurines, games, card decks, trading cards, and licensed media like posters, to movie prop replicas and life-sized horror franchise dummies.

    Horror collecting is food for thought in many different senses. For one, there’s how one is going to get one’s money worth back and hopefully profit from the collections.

    Don’t mistake the commercial approach I just named for that being the end-all of collecting.

    I think a handsome use to give this hobby would be building dioramas that incorporate extras not just scenic, but also extras of artistic lighting composition. And then taking all kinds of dramatic photographs.

    Seasonal Horror Stuff

    horror lifestyle seasonal horror

    As opposed to collectibles, one may or may not be able to keep a seasonal horror thing.

    Seasonal horror things is a broad category that includes things related to Halloween and goes beyond it, to an exploration of horror themes for other holidays.

    There are horror things as there are tastes, which doesn’t say anything other as there are myriads of stuff and you have to be organized and purposeful.

    Do you think it’s to your advantage to dedicate a portion of your budget to this kind of hobby? Many do, and I applaud them because it’s a start towards remembering horror always.

    Now, I love the idea of horror collectibles, mementos, gizmos, at both the industrial and cottage levels of manufacturing, but when made especially for a holiday, it makes the horror even closer to your heart for the connection to childhood it creates in your mind.

    Horror Home Decor

    horror lifestyle horror home decor

    Happily enough for horror fans, there’s a two-sided industry of horror home decor that is industrial-grade as well as cottage-grade.

    While expensive horror props made by leaders in the industry can scare some with their prices, there’s the cottage side of the industry with a different kind of bang for your buck.

    Just making a search in any of the retail portals gives gigantic results, both in industrial and small-scale sale points

    Horror Dark Rides

    ghost train entrance

    It may look childish to include horror dark rides as a horror lifestyle thing. Still, horror dark rides deserve more love from the horror crowd than the one I think they get.

    It may appear a shallow topic, but if one has a slight interest in ghost trains and similar dark rides, one is going to find that there’s a lot if interesting things learn from this commercial art form.

    “A horror lifestyle can make life larger than fiction
    as long as it helps the horror seeker
    reach her or his horror objectives.”
    Bholenath Valsan

    Try some of the Content in this Section

    It’s a Big Horror Heap

    Victor Crowley: Hatchet slasher gets the NECA treatment in January 2021
    NECA! | FigureFan Zero

    There are dozens of websites specializing in all kinds of horror swag to enhance our appetite for a horror lifestyle. From DVDs to dummies passing by all kind things created with collecting in mind.

    In my search for sales portals to buy horror merchandise, I found purely industrial operations and some that mix small-scale production with industrial.

    I say it’s a big pile because, just to give an example, the horror_crafts tag on Etsy.com gives a total search results of more than 13000 items. You can’t search a sales portal like that, with a rather generic two words search.

    In the case of Etsy, if you don’t refine the search even if you navigate the 250 pages that a search for that phrase gives isn’t going to show you everything, you need to use the advanced search.

    I counted how many I could see if I went through all the 250 pages, and it was just over 3000 products only. So it’s a kind of caveat emptor, because if you don’t create a laser-focused search phrase you’re going to miss out.

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