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Horror cult classics reviews are valuable because, especially with this sub-genre of horror, a lot of times one doesn’t know how the movie is going to be.

Topics on This Page

Reading a spoilers-free review before watching a movie has its advantages. For one, if the review is well written, you’ll get a general idea of the movie and will know if it’s for you, or if your leisure time will be better off spent elsewhere.

Purpose of These Reviews

Do you want to watch a horror cult classic flick, but you’re afraid you’re going to dislike it?

Do you love horror cult classics, and are you searching for a good one to watch?

Do you have something to say about a horror cult classic, and you want to use the review article form to do it?

Are you curious about how some of the horror cult classics are received by other lovers of this sub-genre?

If your answer to any of the four previous questions is yes, please read on.

Lean, Mean Content for Fast Assimilation

All the reviews on this site have a length that is between 1000 and 1500 words. Around 1200-1400 is the sweet spot for the content of this nature.

Reviews are just a subjective opinion given by one person of the audience, but if the form is followed relatively unaltered, then they are very powerful articles that can save others from both letting a good movie pass, or being annoyed at the loss of more than one hour by losing time with a movie that falls inside the turkey category.

What is in Horror Cult Classic Reviews for the Horror Lover?

Curating the horror cult classics by reviews, it’s a way to call attention to worthy movies in a way that’s much more focused and dedicated than a mini-review in a list.

To review these underrated movies comes in handy, both for the reviewer, that finds an escape valve for the feelings that watching the movie produced and for the one that’s prospecting to watch it because the review will confirm the suspicions of possible fun that one may have with a certain film.

That said, it’s superfluous to state that if you’re planning to submit a review for this section of the site, then please send one of the horror cult classics that you liked.

There is some logic to asking such a request. You may be thinking, “what’s wrong with writing a negative review?”.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but whining for the sake of whining takes time that would be better used by just letting go of the bad, for the pursuit of good and positive alternatives.

Also, the logic for the request is that even with the movies you liked and loved when you sit down to write a review, there’s a lot of chances that you didn’t like at least one or two things. And that kind of thing also should be included in a review, but always with a justification and explanation why you disliked them.

You don’t have to be a meek enthusiast that likes everything that you’re fed, but also, you should see the pointlessness of knocking down stuff for the sake of doing it. Or to do it, and not providing the reason why you are doing it.

In the last instance, if you have a very serious beef with a flick, and you want to vent, do it royally, picking up a content form that will be more appropriate for discussions, like an essay, a think piece, a product review, or a case study.

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Submit Your Horror Cult Classics Reviews

Rules for Your Contribution

1.The item must pass Shock Depot’s cult classic test: if either the production company or the distributor of the movie is/was a mainstream outfit (non-independent) then it’s not a good fit for this section.

2. Use this format for the title:

“[ Movie name ]” Review: [a thought about the movie that you think encapsulates your experience]: ([year])

Example: “Plan 9 From Outer Space” Review: The Worst Turkey Ever Baked

3. Use a template like a review template below, you can modify the sequence but don’t alter it too much:

Try to sequence the paragraphs answering the list of questions below in the same order they appear in the template.

  1. What kind of item is it? (movie, series, short, subgenre of horror?)
  2. When was it made? Who directed it?
  3. What’s the item’s story about? (without ending or revealing too much)
  4. When and where does the story happen?
  5. Who is the best talent on the item? And the rest of the cast, how did they play it?
  6. What about the wardrobe?
  7. How were the editing, effects, music, and sound handled?
  8. What about the lighting?
  9. What’s the entertainment value of the item? (for instance, does it have action scenes that make you feel
  10. you’re riding an amusement park ride?)
  11. What is the moral of the story?
  12. What did you like about the item?
  13. What did you dislike about the item?
  14. Who would you recommend the horror item to?
  15. Who would you discourage from watching this horror audiovisual media?

How to Contribute Your Horror Cult Classic Review

You don’t need much to contribute to your first piece of content. Some additional guidelines to contribute content:

D) Before posting, please read at least a couple of articles on the website that is the same type of article you intend to contribute

E) In the body of the article, link to outside sources, your website, your social media profiles, or any other pages at your own discretion

F) Write a copyright notice at the bottom of the article to make it clear that all the rights of the content you contribute stay with you

After you post the content you want to publish on this website, wait for several days and return to see your approved contribution live.

If there was some issue with your contribution, you’ll receive either an email if you haven’t registered yet or a direct private message on this website if you already created an account.

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