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The meatiest horror cult classics articles are in this area of the horror cult classics section. They are such a forlorn sub-genre of horror, in the sense that nobody sets out to create one, that horror cult classics articles are greatly appreciated by horror fans. Articles that can enlighten us as to what is that irresistible something that keeps us returning to them again and again.

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When movie scholars waste portions of their dissertations in classifications and definitions that, as I see them, are most disconnected from reality and from the fan base at large trying to define what a horror cult classic is.

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A Little Rant to Inspire You

horror cult classics articles
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I don’t know you, but when I’m on a binge of audiovisual media and generally trying to watch things that I didn’t watch or new things on VoDs and such, I begin to suffer pangs of separation from good old cheesy cult classics.

After a statement like the one I wrote in the previous paragraph, you may be thinking that I’m an incorrigible bottom-feeder that lives consuming low-art. Nothing farthest from the truth.

I agree that some cult movies are incredibly grotesque and vulgar, and I had my fair share of that, but I don’t believe that because I search and experience cinema that treads off-beaten paths, that it disqualifies me, or in any other way that it stupefies me and makes me unable to consume, appreciate, enjoy, or even create higher things.

Also, I think that the subject of cult classics is a way loaded subject, with the cloistered voices making things worse with the pushing of their views as having some kind of weight with audiences at large, which I think they don’t.

My personal opinion is that some papers on cult classic cinema, in general, are a waste of research dollars because I think they miss the point by a wide margin.

To give an example of why I think like that about what has been written on cult classics: to say that because you like cult classics is akin to say that you’re a left-winger. Maybe the paper where I read this doesn’t say it openly, but it certainly insinuates it.

That’s hogwash to me, and projecting a political framework on something fit only to be approached from a commercial-political, or an artistic-political angle, and not a socio-political one, is to stray from the topics that those who are passionate about horror cult classics like to read.

I mean, I even see the discussions about taste as of the interesting type, and with a lot of room for debate and ultimately a vein of amusing study to pursue.

But bringing something grabbed from the hair and far-fetched for the topic, like politics, to a free scene as horror cult classics is too much.

I don’t want to say any names, but take this from me. Go too deep in the things some scholars write, believe them, and the things you’re going to learn will have the potential of severely limiting your development as both a member of the audience and as a possible creator of horror cult classics.

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