Cult Classics Lists “ALONE IN THE DARK”
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Cult Classic from The 1980s: “ALONE IN THE DARK”


Cult classics lists certainly help both when you are starting to watch cult classics and when you have already watched a considerable amount of them. If you love horror cult classics, you know by now that horror cult classics require time and dedication, not just to watch, but also to find and procure.

It takes considerable portions of our time to go by the process of finding, procuring, and watching horror cult classic films. You could rely on different YouTube channels that cater to the horror cult classic audience, but at the end of the day, you are letting someone else do the curating and the viewing scheduling for you.

The service this section provides to lovers of horror cult classics makes up for the time we may lose in things that occupy our time when searching for similar or related items to watch, but that are not actual cult classics, and detract us from our search.

Since we aren’t spoon-fed the desire or need to watch horror cult classics, and since circumstances mostly never lead us to them, we need to focus and do some work until we can unlock horror cult classics.

It takes work, but it’s ultimately easy to achieve. My personal experience is that you have to pick a source of information, and then squeeze it until there’s anything else that source of information has to offer to you.

I would give the example of having a considerable quantity of issues of a publication for horror buffs. Say, something like Fangoria. But in the specific case of Fangoria, it’s a rather hard feat to read all its numbers from start to finish and at the same time be curating the horror cult classics that attract you from it.

A case like that would be nothing short of Chinese torture since what you want is just a specific sub-niche of horror and not a generalist magazine of assorted articles about different niches of horror.

You should be thinking of a source of information that is:

Renowned as a source of information

Someone that did tread the path of creating his or her take on how horror cult classics should be approached and appreciated, who has the social proof wherewithal to make sense.

Relatively focused

The more the source of information you pick is focused only on cult classics, the more knowledge you’re going to be able to reap from it, in a lesser amount of time.

Going to a focused source to learn, like, for instance, reference material,

As much to the point as the content will allow

Most of us horror fans suffer every day the undesirable inertia of contemporary. In greater or lesser quantity,  access to mass-media channels to movies may put you in a condition from which it may become hard for you to crawl out.

Many variables do factor in, in a lifestyle that hasn’t any room for the worship of old gems that cable TV and on-demand online services are unlikely to provide.

Let me give an example of a variable. The fear of missing on a new, or relatively new, movie currently available online or on cable television, because the license of the channel is going to expire, and they’re required to pull it out.

Consider the time you lose having to check what is staying this month and what is leaving. Also, the time you have to invest in watching the movies that are leaving, as opposed to time you could have used to watch a horror cult classic.

Horror Cult Classics Lists Rules

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You can submit any kind of horror cult classics lists that you deem worthy of being delivered through this section of Shock Depot.

1. Check both production company and distributor and subject the movie to Shock Depot’s cult classic test. The test: if the movie was either produced or distributed by a mainstream (non-indie) company, then it shouldn’t be considered a cult classic.

2. Don’t call cult classics movies that, as I see them, belong in the trash dumpster. No homo-erotic horror movies (no OTTO or similar). Also, don’t include any pornographic torture porn movies (no AUGUST UNDERGROUND or similar). I hope you get the point: no no-holds-barred, all-out, gross-out horror, trash horror cinema, or pointlessly mean and graphic underground horror movies.

3. Number of items, twelve or more per list, you can make a monster list with a lot of movies, but don’t go over the 2500 words mark. This is because the editor has a high chance of making a mess of massive content and longer content sets up the stage for headaches down the road; especially with articles like lists, that feature a lot of photos.

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