If you need to source free horror audio assets, like sound effects, free Halloween sound effects, or similar horror audio assets, you can download them from here.

Professional musicians and filmmakers purchase big, pricey (up to $10000-25000) audio/sample libraries and source all the effects they need from there.

But these are all generalist libraries and not libraries of curated horror audio. One may buy collections of samples and effects at bargain-bin prices, or go for the high-end stuff if one has 25k to invest in a sound library of 200k items.

Yet, I doubt the classification and focus you will find, even in the top ones, will match the curating effect of a horror audio library created by the horror movie, video game, and audio fans themselves.

Free Download Horror Music

Download free horror songs, creepy songs, and related tracks. These are 100% royalty free horror songs, that you can use even commercially.


Free Download Horror Sound Effects

The applications of horror sound effects are many. For instance, you may be developing an indy horror video game, and you need to source horror sound effects.

In theory, you can create your horror audio effects easily. Yet, not everyone has the skills, time to learn, or natural talent to self-produce engineered horror sound effects.

Also, creating oneself the audio effects one needs to use greatly increases the time required for the completion of the tasks for which one needs the sound assets.

As said, all different kinds of sound libraries have different sizes and prices. Sales portals and content mills like Fiverr are good places to start looking for this type of horror audio assets collection.



Somewhat, the horror sound effects libraries that it’s obvious that is assembled by a person and not a commercial outfit seem to have the greater price-quantity relation.

Even if I haven’t used any of them yet, from what I’ve seen, it seems interesting to be able to buy audio libraries that are specifically geared towards the horror genre. Another fact that makes these kinds of collections attractive is their price, which is very accessible.


Free Download Halloween Sound Effects

As with the previous two sub-categories of both horror sound effects, Halloween sound effects, may not be much different, and may also have more applications that one can think of.

An obvious application of Halloween sound effects would be to add an audio dimension to your front yard Halloween exhibit.

A more primal one would be a musician wanting to create a horror-oriented tune, like the tunes inspired by the horror genre of the retrowave and darkwave crowd, that you can find on YouTube.


Horror, Halloween, and Horror Song Sound Assets

In closing, remember, the three sections above are very much interchangeable. For example, you may be planning to develop a Halloween horror exhibit in your front yard, and you may end up sourcing audio bits from the horror sounds section, instead of the Halloween one.

A classification like this one, to separate horror audio assets, may not have been necessary, but to order things in this way always helps.


The Horror Audio Assets Licenses

The designation of each file between parentheses is the asset’s license. Please honor the licenses and don’t use the items for uses that the license doesn’t grant you rights for.

CC BY-ND Disclaimer

If you see here one of your CC BY-ND audio assets as either:

· A derivative work
· Non-derivative work, but an item shared by you as CC BY-ND

Then let me know and I’ll take it offline.

If you see here one of the files that you shared with a CC-BY-ND license and you see that it was modified, please let me know and I will correct the error.

General Disclaimer

I don’t own any of the media shared on these pages. All the samples and audio files available for download here are items I downloaded from media sourcing sites like Creative Commons, that others shared and gave a creative commons license to use.

If you see a sample or song that you own the right to and don’t want to see here, please let me know. I will unpublish it as soon as I see your complaint.

I tried to keep the original file names for each picture. If I added something to the filename it is something I wrote between square brackets at the beginning (generally the author’s name) and some files may also have a trailing suffix with this website’s URL and the item’s details.

This library of horror audio assets is an ongoing work in progress and will be updated periodically.
Each file has a caption with the name of the author and a link to the original, where available. You should copy that link only for the assets that are CC BY-ND.

In the meantime check this page for the Impressum. If you see here one of your files and don’t see the proper attribution please read again what I wrote in the previous paragraph and check the Impressum for your name.

If you find that one of your horror sounds or songs is not attributed here and that your name isn’t in the Impressum, somehow I mishandled your media. Please let me know and I will attribute it correctly ASAP.

Anyhow, I will strive for giving each asset proper attribution in the library’s pages, so you probably might just wait it out, and sometime later you’ll see your media properly attributed with your name and a link to the original.

Creative Commons Licenses

CC BY (Attribution)

You must, somewhere in your publishing/commercial structure have an attribution sentence, telling the name of the item, the name of whoever shared it, and a link back to the original item (the page and item where you downloaded it from).

CC BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike)

You can distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the horror audio item, sample, clip, or song.

If you use the asset anywhere, you’re bound by the license to re-share the file, even if you didn’t touch the original. If you made a derivative work (I.e., you modified the file after downloading it), you can share your own modified version of the item.

Somewhere, in some form, you have to create a sharing point of the item with appropriate, linked attribution back to the original. Like in CC BY above. This can/should be in the content itself you use the item.

CC BY ND (Attribution-NoDerivs)

The items under this license share the same freedoms of reuse, even commercially, as the two other licenses above, but instead of crediting Shock Depot, you must credit the original creator of the item.

Additionally, you must share the original file you download with others, without any modification.

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