You know that finding free horror resources and assets, like for example, free Halloween fonts, or free Halloween clipart, or horror typesetting assets, like free goth fonts, it’s not that difficult.

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But the problem is that these kinds of resources are generally up for grabs in generalist websites. Well, not here, on Shock Depot.

The free horror assets you can download here have been uploaded and curated by human beings, and they share their space with other horror resources only.

Because of this, finding the right horror sourced media that you need becomes a much easier task.

Do you need free horror assets?

Here at Shock Depot, you can download many types of different horror resources and assets for free. In the cases that Shock Depot can’t host an awesome horror resource, we will provide you with a direct link to the item.

All the items for download on this website, as well as the ones we provide a link to download from another site, are free, and most of them have a license that allows you to reuse them in virtually any way, even in a commercial project.

When you search for horror assets, even on this site, don’t be fooled by the CC licenses that come with them.

A rule of thumb would be that the most valuable free horror asset to create a product with would be an original item that someone created to share.

An original item, not copying anything done by anyone else, that the creator herself or himself licenses you to reuse.

This, in the case that you want to use sourced visual media to create physical items to sell, like for instance, stickers, prints, or similar items to which the sourced media item in question can be imprinted or otherwise applied.

In the case of needing to source media to publish content on the internet, that is not going to exist behind a paywall, you can even employ sourced media that are reproductions of copyrighted media.

As long as you aren’t making any direct profit from the item, your use falls inside the fair use provisions of the DMCA.

Free Horror Media Items: Pains and Rogues

We know how many comings and goings, sidetracking, and overall time-eating beleaguering dead-ends are involved when you need to source free horror assets. Been there, done that, due to the need for horror sourced media; when involved in publishing original horror content.

If you have the knowledge and the skills, it’s easy to create content, of which written copy is the soul. You just need inspiration, perspiration, and one or two structures to limit yourself.

Limits are necessary, so you can create something better due to how the constraint of the structure that limited you. The structure obliges you to make the content shine, by the quality power of the content alone.

Not because you created the illusion of quality by artificially writing a long piece to mask your content-creation shortcomings. This, from the point of view of a content creator only. When all is said and done, the horror sourced media that one will add to that finished piece of content has the power to make it or break it.

Let’s shift now to the situation of someone who crafts horror art, horror design, horror handicrafts, and similar spooky and creepy tangible, material objects.

The existence of content sharers, and how their free, reusable assets accumulated through the years is nothing short of a game-changer for everyone who crafts.

Still, this has several negative points, and I would like to attack two of those negative points first, even before enumerating the pros of free horror resources.

Rogue Type A: The Counterfeiter

Hopefully, generational masters of counterfeiting will not understand the free resources scenes. Or at least let’s hope they will take more time in comprehending what it is about before they predate said scenes.

A master counterfeiter, and especially a master creator of unlicensed products, understanding something like, say, Creative Commons, is akin to letting loose a pedo in a kindergarten.

Think for instance of typical third-world petty counterfeiters that, instead of duplicating an item, illegally source media to create their unlicensed products using the copyrighted media of a big corporation.

We’ve seen this perpetrated against dozens of brands, and it seems it never will stop. As long as there are careless, uninformed, and cheap buyers, there will be a market for counterfeit goods.

To knock off the stuff of others cheaply, instead of doing things correctly and getting a license, seems to be okay for many who insult our intelligence.

Think of it, it is very immature to think one’s products are so bad that we need to steal the brand of someone else to be able to let the cheap fake knock-offs hit the market.

Down to the unsuspecting consumer, all involved in the chain of circulating a fake duplication, or fraudulently branded item, except the final consumer, are wrong, and they degrade us making us as cheap as they are.

Rogue Type B: Digital Rippers

I don’t want to do any moral signaling with this, but tell you, please, just don’t be the digital version of that kind of petty criminals. Use only allowed items, and only exploit the rights the licenses give you.

I know that the temptation of doing a G or B image search, and then ripping off assets without a care in the world is great, due to how easy is to do that.

Still, it’s also very stupid, since there are websites dedicated exclusively to providing you with free assets and resources that come with a license that allows you to use them legally.

The ethical dimension of this reality has a lot of room for improvement and debate. How I see it, I’d say that many of the items that are shared with CC licenses are in fact in a gray area between legal and illegal.

One example of what I’m talking about are the pictures of copyrighted visual media, a shared photo with most of the rights that CC provides, including reuse for commercial purposes.

It’s a gray area because the person who took the photo of a copyrighted visual media retains all the rights to the photo as per the copyright law.

The taking of the photo may fall inside the fair use provisions of the law, but maybe giving it away with the right to reuse it even commercially is wrong.

The giver is not perpetrating any infringing, but if the taker is stupid enough to create a commercial product using the copyrighted media of someone else, the resulting item is never going to be anything greater than a gray market trifle.

Free Horror Resources

There are thousands (maybe even tens of thousands) of free horror resources on the web.

And the most exciting irony of this fact is that an unknown percentage of them are 100% reusable, meaning that they’re reusable even for commercial purposes.

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