• Here are 12 very good horror movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video. This time, the order of the movies in the list is alphabetic without any ranking or any other order-based meaning.


    30 days of night

    This movie wowed me when I watched it. It’s about a group of vampires victimizing a town in the north pole while the days without sun are going on. “30 Days of Night” proves that when it comes to fast monsters, speedy vampires are a lot more believable than quick zombies.


    Bone Tomahawk

    I think “Bone Tomahawk” is a very original movie in the sense that there are few westerns that use the structure and tropes of horror movies about psychopaths. It’s kind of hard and cringe-inducing in the violent parts and makes you feel the horror the victims are going through. How the story is presented also shares some of the structure and pacing with epic adventure movies.



    Unlike my opinion on “Pet Sematary” below, I think both the original and the remake adaptations of “Children of The Corn”. It may be because I love all kinds of backwoods, hillbilly, or rural horror stories. I like all the movies on this franchise, even the later installments that many would see as rather shallow.


    Final Destination

    Classic meta-narrative psychological horror. The paranormal logic of “Final Destination”, its gimmick, premonition, is inspired by a factual extra-sensory power that many persons manifest: premonition. Basing a movie on something like that has demonstrated that it gave the owners of the franchise fuel to make five movies on the topic, and it never gets old, at least for me.


    Ginger Snaps

    A classic movie about lycanthropy, or the sickness that makes the sufferer turn into a werewolf the full moon days. Only that in the case of “Ginger Snaps” it’s a werechick. A movie of interest for those that enjoy a little siding of subculture (in this case goth) with their horror movies.


    El Legado del Diablo

    I saw people raving on social networks about this horror movie when it came out. Soon after I watched it and I wasn’t disappointed. The pace of “Hereditary” is spot-on. Everything happens when it should happen in a horror movie. Which is a way of saying “Hereditary” doesn’t keep you waiting, but also gives you a reasonable and useful background before it begins to shock you.


    Body Snatchers

    There are several adaptations of Jack Finney’s novel carrying the same and almost the same name, plus others with a different name. This one is the “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” version I saw that I think has the highest production values of all.


    Night of The Living Dead

    One of the long-standing champions of horror indy cinema, it’s really interesting to be able to watch it colorized. There’s not much to say about “Night of The Living Dead” that hasn’t been said already in the fifty years that passed since its release. Still, a colorized version is something I never thought would someday happen.


    Pet Sematary Remake

    I like the remake of “Pet Sematary” much more than the first adaptation. I liked the first adaptation for a long time, but then I stopped liking it. You may think that I like the new version because I had stopped liking the other, but I assure you this version of “Pet Sematary” is superior and much more adequate for the times we’re living in.


    THE STEPFORD WIVES movie still

    If you’re up for a slow-burn techno-thriller, then this movie will keep you entertained. It’s a subtle movie with a shocking reveal. Those that like movies that are time-capsules will also enjoy “The Stepford Wives” very much because it has a lot of exterior organic shots. I have yet to watch the 2018 remake, which I will because I loved the original adaptation.


    best horror movies on prime video

    A deeply disturbing, mind-screw horror movie with a fantastically well-thought-out plot. If you like psychological horror in the vein of “Donnie Darko” and “Final Destination” watching “Triangle” is a must. If you like the two movies I just named, and if you like horror movies in isolated locations like “The Descent” or “The Ruins” you’re going to love this.


    what we do in the shadows movie still

    This is a kind of funny and hilarious, intimate movie. “What we do in The Shadows” shows what would happen if a group of old (in years count only) vampires were to give a reality-tv-like testimony in front of a camera to a film crew doing a documentary.

    Have Happy Horror Binges on Prime Video

    I hope you liked this list and that you will watch any of the movies in it that you didn’t watch already. I curated these movies from the current choice of horror movies on Prime Video, taking as many of those that aren’t that popular or favored by the audiences (it was hard to strike a balance), that I think are more than good, and essential to watch if you like horror.


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