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    Type: Walk-in
    Theme: Haunted House
    Duration: 30-45 minutes
    Location: Picklemoon
    Area: Sim: 1536 m2
    Lag Level: High
    My Horror Rating: Ride: 4/5, Zone: 3/5

    The link above is okay. But it’s unfortunate that Second Life search serves a wrong teleportation to this simulator. If one find this sim by means of SL search and clicks the link, it teleports one to a non-developed swamp area below the sim. A place from where it’s a chore to exit.

    Before entering this sim change the sun position (world > sun position) to either sunset or night and visit adjacent graveyard.

    I think it was very cool how the builders positioned the sim. It’s in an island and having positioned it near the water really adds to the beauty of it.


    The cemetery looks great but it’s nothing compared with what awaits inside. Have time to spare when visiting this sim, because it’s a long ride.

    After entering it, one’s for a heck of ride. ASD Studios may claim it has a horror ride that lasts for thirteen minutes. But this walk-in haunted house has a greater level of detail. By the way, this sim is also free to ride, like the ASD Studios one.


    It took me forty-five minutes to walk by all its rooms and check every stunt, spook and thing in it. I think a few improvements could be made to this sim.

    For instance, removing the several static spooks in it, like Principality of Picklemoon. Also, making the triggers for some of the stunts 100% transparent to the visitor.


    It’s well designed in the sense of every room bringing a shock greater than the one that precedes it.

    Stick around and check all the rooms from the ground floor to the roof. While the props and spooks in the initial rooms are kind of tame, it gets better as one proceeds to the higher ones.

    The Haunted Keep of The Abominable

    This is a recent addition to The Hum and The Shiver, as of November 2020. There’s a sign to teleport to it at the entrance of the haunted house.

    Click here to teleport to it.




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