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    Type: Ghost Train
    Theme: Too many to enumerate
    Duration: 13 minutes
    Location: ASD Studios
    Area: 7488 m2
    Lag Level: Low
    My Horror Rating: Ride: 5/5, Zone: 1/5

    I must call this Second Life ghost train, the SL dark ride of my dreams. If I were to ever design a dark ride, it would be something with a scope as big  as this one.

    I rode it two times yesterday and tried to count the scenarios, but around the twelfth, I lost count.

    I calculate it has more than two dozen different dioramas.


    This dark ride has something for each of many different horror movie fans. The sequential momentum of the different scenarios builds you up until your break down laughing at how well done it is. It’s free and has tipping hats around.

    From the detail and size of the dioramas, passing by how they are ordered, to the angles from which the visitor gets to see them, everything is top-notch in this long ghost train ride.


    While this ride is automated in the sense of being a ghost train. One needs to do a bit of looking around in mouselook to appreciate it fully.

    For me, the greatest selling point of this ride is its size. Without checking out its size, I conjecture that it probably takes up a whole region.


    Now, something that this ride does, that is a new-twist to ghost train simulation. It doesn’t follow a logic rail pattern. It takes the visitor around all the areas in a convenient, if nonsensical, circuit.

    One thing that I noticed, though, is that it has a central room of many doors.

    This central hub isn’t something particularly interesting, but I really liked how it was used to organize the ride.


    If you’re a fan of movies like “Psycho”, “The Ring” and “The Shining”, you should visit this sim.


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