• Horror Games: Second Life’s Haunted House of Horrors and Halloween

    Type: Walk-In
    Theme: Integrated Horror Sim
    Duration: 30-35 minutes
    Location: Siringo
    Area: 1536 m2
    Lag Level: Low
    My Horror Rating: Ride: 4/5, Zone: 4/5

    The Haunted House of Horrors is something new, even after having reviewed more than a dozen of this kind of simulators.

    In which way it’s new? For me, it’s new, in the sense that it was the first haunted house sim I visited that smartly integrated the buying process into the experience.


    Other sims in this vein I visited had capabilities to buy the stunts that make part of them. Still, the way in which the buying process was integrated into the whole simulator in the HHoH, was unique and I dare say, well-executed (pun intended).

    The sim has three main sections. A hallowed grounds sector, front lawn, crypt, and house. Take note of the sounds. The sounds of this sim are very unnerving and creepy.

    The Graveyard


    The graveyard has two tomb stunts that pop a menu when touched. these two involve avatar animations. There’s another stunts initiator in a tree’s trunk. This one spawns environmental stunts. Some of the tomb stunts, for me, were a surprise.

    Horror Games: Second Life’s Haunted House of Horrors and Halloween

    I have visited a handful of dark ride, ghost train and haunted house sims in Second Life, but Amanda Dench, the designer of this sim, seems to me as the only one that has defined her style as a spooks designer.


    You’ll see what I mean when you spawn the spooks of the graveyard tombs. The tombs and the tree have 7-8 stunts that animate your avatar, and add environmental stunts and spawn spooks.

    The Crypt & The Chapel

    The crypt, not much to see, but a great spot to take to take a picture.


    The chapel, which by the way is also for sale, is a good pre-fabricated unit to use as the basis for any kind of condemned church sim. Like the one, I reviewed in my last review.


    The House

    The house is like the rest of the sim, in a concentrated manner. It’s kind of spacious and very nicely designed. I would say that the main theme of this simulator is to sell stunts and spooks, and the haunted house is more of it.

    Also, the stunts and spooks inside the house gel seamlessly between themselves and with the ones outside. They might not be related thematically, but still, they give a homogeneous feel.

    Horror Games: Second Life’s Haunted House of Horrors and Halloween

    The house is great at keeping you wanting to see more of it. The nice feel that the interior design gives may be at the cost of using a sparse quantity of objects, but the end result is satisfying.

    Be prepared for the crowning diorama, in the attic, it was something I wouldn’t have expected. Something grotesque.


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