• Type: Maze
    Theme: Evil Clowns
    Duration: >1 Hour
    Location: Solace Beach
    Area: Sim: 6624 m2 / Region: 21104 m2
    Lag Level: Mid
    My Horror Rating: Ride: 2/5, Zone: 4/5

    This ride forms part of a larger sim, the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns.

    carnival or carnivorous clowns

    The Crazy Clowns Funhouse is a funhouse in name only. It doesn’t have the feel or form of a funhouse. I think this walk-in wants to be many things and fails at impressing its target customer.

    It has many rooms, most with an evil clown theme to them. It has many spooks, some of them are animated.

    This dark rides brings to the table a new twist: interactive spooks. From the entrance, to the later rooms, from time to time, there appears a spook that’s interactive, and reacts to the visitor’s presence.


    It’s only innovative at the dark ride level, it’s nothing new (SL TeleHub mobs). The interactivity is nothing great. Just some chat lines and motions.

    I’ve seen some spooks and props that I already saw elsewhere. But the main annoyance of this sim was its design. I think it’s a mixture between a maze and a dark ride.


    I’d say the ride’s design is unnavigable. It is a twisted mess, and due to that many are going to feel frustrated by it.

    Its design lacks a normal logic. To visit all rooms (which I don’t think I did), the visitor has to be way too much creative, and do a lot of motions.

    There is no linearity at all. After the third or fourth room you are on your own, because this ride doesn’t hold your hand. If you want to discover all its secrets, you have to work.


    I labored for about eighty minutes to be able to see as much as I could of this ride. I will not spoil it for you, but I’ll give you some pointers:

    1. You have to use at least three uncommon actions (fly, jump, and double-click on doors) to be able to advance in it.
    2. Also, frequent and conspicuous use of the camera controls will help you navigate the mess.
    3. Finally, use crawlspaces to your advantage. This sim is probably the one most full of crawlspaces I ever saw.


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