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    Since 1990 up to now, there have been at lest 88 horror screenplays sold on spec that became horror movies. This is a list of the known ones: (↬ Scott Myers)

    1990-2017 Horror Spec Script Sales


    In the mid-nineties the spec script market started to boom, and there was a high demand for original screenplays that sparked many bidding wars. The figure at the end of each item is the figure they sold by.

    Flatliners” (1990) $400000
    “City of Darkness” (1990) $750000
    “The Conjurer” (1993) John Lesher
    The Willies” (1995) John Jarrell
    Scary Movie” AKA “Scream” (1995) Kevin Williamson $400000
    Fallen” (1995) Nick Kazan $1000000
    Ravenous” (1996) Ted Griffin
    Idle Hands” (1997) David Lubliner
    The Astronaut’s Wife” (1997) Rand Ravich
    “Faith” (1997) Brian Everingham
    The Sixth Sense” (1997) M Night Shyamalan $2250000
    “Black Ice” (1997) David Colden
    “Jenny Hanniver” (1997) Dennis Bartok
    “Scream If You Know What I Did Last Halloween” (1998) Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
    “Gator” (1998) Mark Swift, Damian Shannon
    “Munchies” (1998) David Kukoff , Matt Roshkow more than $450000
    “Ashes to Ashes” (1998) Adam Kulakow
    “The Judas Curse” (1999) Douglas Hensley
    “Sherlock Holmes and The Vengeance of Dracula” (1999) Michael Valle $700000 against $1000000



    “Curse Of The Bog Women” Barry Hutchison
    “The Immortals” Michael Jonascu, Justin Stanley
    “Stray Dawgz” Darryl Quarles
    “Nightcrawlers” Brian Lynch
    Godsend” Mark Bomback
    “Shudder” Matthew Odgers, David Markus


    “Next Door” Jake Wade Wall
    “In Vitro” Ben Ripley
    “The Deciver” Keith Davidson
    “Alone Kevin” Taft
    The Reaping” Brian Rousso
    “Mile Zero” Holly Brix
    Skeleton Key” Ehren Kruger
    The Woods” David Ross


    Hell Week” Michael Peterson, Ted Peterson
    Revolver” Adam Sussman
    “Town Creek” Dave Kajganich
    “Drawn” Rand Ravich


    The Strangers” Bryan Bertino
    “Bedbugs” AKA “Dead Asleep” Carter Blanchard


    Forsaken” Ari Margolis, Jim Morley III
    Superstition” Neal Marshall Stevens
    “The Dionaea” Eric Heisserer
    Amusement” Jake Wade Wall
    “Absolute Angels” Genevieve Jolliffe, Andrew Zinnes


    “Damned” Jim Agnew, Sean Keller
    Shiver” Mikey Wigart
    “They Came From Upstairs” Mark Burton
    Dead in the Water” Noah Hawley, Alexi Hawley
    “Anvil” Adam Sussman
    Buried” Jeff Dixon
    “Mercy” Carolyn Townsend, Eddie Hartman


    The New Daughter

    John Travis
    Ink” Harris Wilkinson
    Hurt” Anthony Grieco, Jeff Drongowski


    “The Knights Templar” Adam Torchia, Justin Stanley
    “The Harvard Zombie Massacre” Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit


    The Violent Kind” Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores
    “Supermax” Christopher Allen Nelson


    “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies” Carrie Evans, Emi Mochizuki


    “Harker” Lee Shipman
    “Inherit the Earth” JT Petty
    “Zombie Pet Shop” E.L. Katz
    “The Watching Hour” Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke
    Haunted” Erick Kripke
    Hellfest” William Penick, Chris Sey
    “The Mountain” Helen Childress
    Hidden” Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer


    “Bermuda” Bobby Lee Darby, Nathan Brookes
    “Tape 4” Jeremy Slater
    “Lockdown At Franklin High” Greg Bishop, Joe Ballarini
    “Garden District” Tony Jaswinski, Luke Goltz
    “The Bloody Benders” Adam Robitel
    The Quiet Ones” Vic Weet
    The Last Breath” Paul J. Salamoff
    Haunt” Andrew Barrer
    “Peste” Barbara Marshall


    “Ink and Bone” Zak Olcewicz
    “Party Girl” Vikram Weet
    The Unseen” John Travis


    Darkness” Francis Jay and C.B. Liffer
    Vice” Andre Fabrizio, Jeremy Passmore
    “Red Ice” Keith Ray Putman
    “The Bringing” Brandon Murphy, Philip Murhpy
    Scarecrow” Mike Scannell
    “Midnight” Travis Baker, Richard Tanne
    “The Babysitter” Brian Duffield


    “Realm” Rebecca Sonnenshein
    Temple” Michael Savelloni


    “Untitled Hill Project”

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