• Updated September 2021

    Want to connect with Bholenath on social media, to have the subject horror and similar subjects in common?

    These links below are the best social media channels that he is using as of December of 2020. If you find any of this has negligible content please forgive him, he is just starting to develop them and they aren’t going to stay with thin content, he swears by it.

    Additionally, the last short list lists a few side-projects Bholenath is running that may or may not become something bigger further down the line.

    Connect with Bholenath On the Most Popular Sites

    A lot of people has an account on these websites, and they are the main social supernodes on the web. That the user bases of these sites are massive doesn’t mean that they aren’t good and useful for horror fans, because myriads of horror communities, and independent mavericks (like Bholenath) have made them their homes.

    Connect with Bholenath On Other Social Media Sites

    On this list you will find the younger brothers of the sites in the previous list. Some of these other supernodes are actually a godsend for horror fans, like YouTube, where you can find rare stuff hard to come by, virtually unavailable elsewhere.

    Visit Other Sites by Bholenath Valsan

    These sites designed and administered by Bholenath are in their incubation phases as of this writing, but will grow in content and features soon. Please don’t be too judgmental, if you have anything to ask or request about these three sites below (even if you want to be featured, submit a guest post or whatever), use the contact area of this website, for the time being.

    • Love of Trash Design (Wix.com)
    • Horror Games Vlog (WP.com)
    • The Best Horror Branded Content (Blogger)