• Updated December 2020

    Want to network with me, to have the subject horror and similar subjects in common? Please, link with me ASAP on social!

    These links below are the best 14 social media channels that I’m using as of December of 2020. If you find any of this has negligible content please forgive me, I’m just starting to develop them and they aren’t going to stay with thin content, I promise.

    1. Shock Depot Page FB (Facebook)
    2. Phlog and Scrapbook (Flickr) (Pinterest)
    3. #loveofcamp (Instagram)
    4. Communities (Amino) (Reddit)
    5. Microblogs (Twitter) (Tumblog)
    6. Videos (Vimeo) (Youtube)
    7. Shock Depot Page LI (LinkedIn)
    8. Artistic Output (Deviant Art)
    9. Comments (Disqus)
    10. Q-A (Quora)