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You are using the AMP version of the website.

If you landed on this page it is because you tried to access a service or a feature of the site that is currently unavailable in the AMP version.

Shock Depot is optimized for accessibility. If you think that the color palette of the site is odd, it’s because the colors are the ones that have the best contrast between each other.

Among the site’s accessibility features is the option, for those accessing it through mobile devices, to browse the mobile version powered by AMP. Which you are using at this moment.

The AMP version of the site that you’re currently viewing is very different from the desktop (original) version.

If you compare the two you will notice that they look almost completely different. That’s because, while the content is the same, they use a different template.

You can run the desktop version on mobile, but it’s not the default. Everyone accessing the site with a mobile device is redirected to the AMP version. Please read the next section to know how to access the functions that are disabled on mobile.

How To Access the Disabled Functions

The only thing you have to do to be able to use the feature you wanted to use, that brought you to this page, is to scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on the “Exit Mobile Version” button.

Then navigate to the feature you wanted to use again, by using the main menu. While running the desktop version of the site on mobile, you can access the main menu by pressing the menu button at the top right corner of the page.

If you are confused and don’t know in which version of the website you are when navigating any page, just scroll to the bottom. If the “Exit Mobile Version” button is there it’s because you are currently browsing the mobile version.

Shock Depot Features not Available on Mobile

This is a list of the site’s functionalities that are stripped from the mobile version. 


Shock Depot’s filebase system for downloads is supported by Google Drive and the functionality in place doesn’t work in the mobile version.

Submit a Guest Post

The feature to submit guest posts doesn’t work on the mobile version of the site. Anyway, unless you are cutting and pasting, or using a tablet, to enter a guest post typing on an on-screen keyboard may not be ideal.

Surveys and Polls

The survey feature allows you to create your horror survey on this site, and that also can be used to respond to the surveys that others created, as most of the interactive features of the site, will not work with the mobile version.

Content Views

This functionality is embedded in the four landing pages of each of the website’s four categories, Horror Cult Classics, Horror Lifestyle, Serial Horror, and Horror on Streaming Services.

What Content Views does is show a list of articles on the page in the form of capsules with an image and an excerpt of each article, plus a Read More button that takes you to the article.

Table of Contents

Some of the articles on this site are long and have many sections, so a table of contents is always good to have. Sadly, this feature doesn’t work with the mobile version.

Pinterest integration

With this integration, users can see a Pinterest feed in the right-hand sidebar that shows from four to around half a dozen of the latest pins that I added to the Shock Depot boards on Pinterest. Clicking on any of the pins takes you directly to the pin in question on Pinterest.

Tumblr Integration

This integration shows three or so the latest post in my microblog at Tumblr, Bholenath’s Horrolog. Like the Pinterest integration, clicking on any of the microblog capsules takes you to that entry on Tumblr.

Social Page Feeds

This feature is another one of the three that are embedded in the right-hand sidebar of the desktop version. Its purpose is to show a miniature replica of Shock Depot’s page on Facebook.

How To Return to the Mobile Version

If at any moment you want to return to the mobile version, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Go to the Mobile Version button.

If the button is not there, please enter this URL in your browser’s address bar:

(for the homepage)

Or append ?amp at the very end of the URL of the specific page you’re currently in.