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There is more to web horror than web search results. It requires a systematic approach and curating for one to have a chance at assimilating the great quantity of the best content in an efficient amount of time.

For a while, this site will feature my content only. Eventually, I’ll accept submissions and create a revenue-sharing program in which contributors will get paid for any content they submit. As of October 2021, Shock Depot is already open to submissions.

About this Website

I was so afraid to miss the point with the content of this page, that I did let it with a sub-par quantity of words for months. Please if you continue reading beyond this point, stay with the message to the final line. This page’s content is not long, it’s just over 1000 words, and you did read more than 10% already.


What are you? A horror fan or a horror life-member? Are you just starting with the creepy things or you have always been a follower of what’s scary?

Shock Depot is your one-stop website for all things horror. Here you will find the most radical and the coolest horror stuff reviewed objectively in the general vein of a collective horror fan identity, but also with my take and opinion.

Don’t worry, because I generally differentiate the personal opinions from the objective core of the articles.

If I don’t do it using parts of sentences in the content, then I put my personal views under a different head to mark that that my take is a separate section from the objective one.

I guarantee you that if you are looking for information on horror things, the horror objects I curate are going to blow your mind.

Hopefully, my opinion will make you have a more rounded idea about a certain horror item that you’re trying to find more information about.

You’ll have my humble opinion on horror collectibles to contrast it with the opinion of others. I wish you’ll believe me when I say to you that I’m a person that’s crazy about the horror style since the several first memories of childhood, and you’ll take my opinion as enough.

But I’m not that self-conceited, I urge you that if you’re unsure after reading a review by me, then by all means, please, check the reviews of others.


If you join Shock Depot, your free membership will allow you to carry a wishlist in which you’ll be able to have your own, curated by yourself, catalog of content from this site. You’ll also have the permissions to be able to download digital items that only registered users of the website are allowed to download.

On this site, there are some good features I hope will be of use to you, like for instance the added convenience of direct links to the real thing where possible, for you to go directly to the merchant’s channel to continue your search.


Lover of horror from time immemorial. I have 16+ years of experience in the shit job of writing screenplays and creating fictional universes.

Thus, from a technical point of view, my opinion is not any turkey’s snot that you can simply slight down, and go to the next site. Besides, I didn’t start with horror last year. I’m a fan of the horror genre since I have use of reason, and that, for a website such as this one, is very important too.


This website is bound to touch on subjects that are controversial at the philosophical and political levels. I, Bholenath Valsan, hereby disclaim all kind of political affiliation and revel to the reader that I consider myself non-political when the use of the word connotes actual political
party affiliation.

I’m one of those that consider that having a political ideology at the voting level is biased and unbalanced and that voting is not worth the effort for the sole fact that a single vote changes nothing.

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Sourced Media Attributions

In my content, I often use Creative Commons with CC BY licenses. I also sometimes use public domain images. I attribute the original creator at the bottom of my content and share the share-alike items on this site. My thanks to all  of you, without your media, I couldn’t be bothered to blog:

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  • unsettlingstories
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  • nedobropojalovat
  • mrsviatrixa
  • Julius Jääskeläinen
  • Darksouls1
  • Waldkunst
  • Drakonia LadyOnia
  • atomic-chronoscaph
  • destroymylife.tumblr.com
  • Éclusette Mark Sebastian
  • Andrew Kuznetsov
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  • Many More…

If I used an image you shared under CC, sooner or later your name will appear here. Besides the link in the original attribution and the re-sharing of the modified work where it applies.

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